Why Bingo Is The Perfect Social Activity


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Dec 16, 2004
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Why Bingo Is The Perfect Social Activity
The social chemistry of bingo found to be perfect.
In the beginning, bingo was just a game. Bingo today has evolved far beyond its humble roots, and is now one of the most popular and most social pastimes of Europe, the Americas, and the world. Bingo is quickly spreading throughout the globe, immensely popular in the UK and Australia as well.
But why is bingo the perfect activity for groups or alone? Renowned for its friendly competition, bingo does not require an excess of talent to play, nor does the level of talent define winning. It's because of this level of friendly competition that so many can enjoy a game such as bingo.
One of the initial problems with the development of online bingo then, was how to maintain this very essential social element of bingo once the leap to the Internet was made. This problem was solved with chat rooms, and now people hidden behind aliases of their choice, can interact with one another while playing everybody's favorite game online.
Some features could never be fully transferred online though, such as the thrill of daubing in real life. Lots of people become so immersed in the world of bingo that they buy custom daubers, much the same way professional pool players buy cues, and professional football players buy cleats. Fortunately, the less "hardcore" players were (and are) absolutely liberated to play online without hesitation.


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Mar 15, 2007
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I read out there, that an average commission for online bingo could be around 18-20 USD month/player.

Not bad at all, if this game becomes a massive option in a future.

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