Why are there always delays getting paid our winnings


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Sep 19, 2007

I decided to post this issue in more rooms to get more responses...

I have been reading this forum, etc and I see a trend where it looks like giving the casinos your money there are never any problems or delays in them taking your money. But why are there always issues with them giving you your winnings?

I see these casino reps on here and we have the casinomeister himself that runs this site. Why can't we get concrete answers on when we should get paid and it should be consistant and reliable. I am hearing that even QuickTender takes days.

Everything is run by computers and there really shouldn't be any human interactions.

So, lets here is from these casino reps. Why are there always issues on here with someone getting paid? It can't be one way. There should be problems with you taking our money as there is when we want our winnings, but I don't see that.


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Jul 24, 2006
yeah, this is definitely worth two separate identical threads. :rolleyes:


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