Who would you pick for Player Rep on Ecogra?


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Jan 29, 2002
If the players could vote on someone to represent them as a players representative on the Ecogra board to help settle disputes who would you pick?

I think it would be interesting to hear from the "voting public" on this.


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Feb 22, 2001
Paul, I think it needs to be clear that independent directors (as opposed to the three representing the software companies responsible for the funding for organisation - Microgaming, Casino On Net and Ongame) have duties that extend beyond helping to settle player disputes.

The three independent directors oversee the player dispute process handled by the Fair Gaming Advocate, but their principle responsbilities are:

To ensure that the third party inspection and monitoring process is carried out in a professional manner,

That developments in the technology and in the industry are monitored and covered by new eGAPs (requirements and standards)

That the seal award process is strictly adhered to,

That disciplinary matters follow the correct procedures,

That operators holding the seal are furnished with appropriate professional management guidance,

That measures to advise a variety of audiences on eCOGRA developments are ongoing,

That liaison with other regulators, trade associations and responsible gaming bodies is continuous and appropriate and that the operational reports of the CEO are studied, acted upon and supervised.

eCOGRA is somewhat more than a player dispute resolution service, although this is probably its most high profile function.

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