Who would have ever guessed?



ONe week ago today. Who would have ever thought that the tragic events of this past week would have ever taken place?

Who would have thought that the FBI and the FAA would have ignored threats made days prior to this unthinkable act? Now the FBI has gotten their top 4000 agents to crack this case? I know of one agent that did not make the cut. Too busy chasing rainbows in Ohio. Nothing better to do?

Now we talk about going to war? Going to war? No I think we are in a war.. Its time to bring out the finest men and women that our country has to offer and just carpet bomb certain countries.

Oh but what about the innocent men, women and children? What about them? How many innocent people lost their lives this week because of these horific acts? They did not care nor do they care about innocent people that they have killed. Why should we?

These maggots come to our country and reap the benefits of our free society, food, hotels, flight training school?. In some communities in the united states certain assholes are celebrating what happened and if we do something it is being called a hate crime? Yeah thats it let them have our freedom of speech. Anyone in the United States that is celebrating the bombing should be executed on the spot. Its our country you can just go home.. IF you do not like our country go home. We dont want you here anyway. We fucked up when it came to the gulf war. We let Sadamm live. Lets learn from that mistake and not allow this to repeat itself.

I along with other americans feel the pain caused by these bastard hero wanntabes.

If they want to die for their cause they should just gather in one place and our government can arrange thier death for the cause.

Americans are now stronger then ever before. War has been started in our own country.

NOW LETS GO KILL SOME TOWEL HEADS. Lets send all non americans home so we dont have to worry about enemies on our home front. Deport every one of those bastards. Land of the free is for us. Not you. IF your way of life is so damn great why are you even here? Then you have the nerve to celebrate the bombings on our own soil?
Then when we say you dont have that right to do that our citizens are being arrested for hate crimes?

I have been silent all week because of numerous things that are going on. I am one american who is damn tired of all this shit and I hope our president will invade the countries that hide such maggot bastards.

We have members of the OPA that live in New York City and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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