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Dec 2, 2001
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Is this or is this not a oliver curran casino?

*Only available to those players to whom the offer was sent and not
valid for players with locked accounts in any of our sister casinos
including: Crystal Palace, High Rollers Lounge, Cleopatras-Casino,
American Grand, Golden Nile, Lucky Coin, Lucky Pyramid, Royal Circus,
Vegas Frontier and Mighty Slots.

Its not mentioned here.. So i dont think its a curran casino. I thought it was, but appears its not. Does anyone know the owner? And is this a place worth playing? I know the bogus safebet logo, but many rtg:s still have this mentioned somewhere.

oh it is....

This is a Curran casino.... :eek: Just like American Grand is....Stay far away! Far far away!!! :eek:

weird that its not mentioned on the list of casinos that you cant have locked accounts. But yes i agree if its doloplex its curran. Better stay away.

Bruce Hamilton said:
Ok... Who is Oliver Curran and what makes him such an undesirable? :what:
Actually "Oliver Curran" is the manager of the Crystal Palace group of casinos. He doesn't own diddly-squat, and he is a member of this forum by the way (check the "Casino Operators" link up above). All of his managed casinos are listed there.

A lot of players have had problems in the past since these casinos don't think twice in locking up "abusive" accounts. OC is a fake name by the way (I've mentioned this numerous times). It's like getting upset at Ronald McDonald when you don't like the services at the golden arches.

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