Whitehat casinos...impossible to resolve basic stuff


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May 31, 2015
I have been trying to explain such a simple issue to their support to eventually find someone that can do his job, help with an issue.

I use muchbetter wallet. Very convenient and free of any charges since they offer CAD for deposits and withdrawals. This wallet is associated with a phone number. Very well designed IMO but operators are clueless about it. They often refer to it as a bank account and even though the customer have the exact answer to solve a problem, they will either copy paste a generic template about bank transfers delays or pending time or my favorite answer when I ask an agent for a little bit of his time to resolve an issue... with the exact solution... then wait 25 minutes to get the wonderful answer... that I am not eligible for a free bonus.... What?!

So in my profile info you can see my phone number information like this:
+1xxx xxx-xxxx

And since the first time a withdrawal was completed back to muchbetter wallet, their system changed the number to 1xxx xxx-xxxx

Who cares? I wouldn’t since putting a + before a number doesnt change the number or anything. But now their system won’t let me deposit with muchbetter. I can enter ammount, choose with or without bonus and then when it’s time to click deposit,not possible. The deposit button is in grey and it says that my number has to be the same than in my casino account.
All they have to do is erase the damn + in my profile info for phone number. That’s it. All other methods, deposits are fine. So it is the right info and the right solution. Explained at 3 different whitehat on 7 different occasions. The best answer I got? We will get back to you by email. The other answer were so dumb its crazy.
Never got a single email once ...
Am I not clear enough? Why donI need to talk to a rep for these problems? Just fire all your agents at this point or train them properly.