Which RTGs should I do? Been casino whoring for a month...


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Nov 18, 2006
So I've been whoring for a month now and I've done close to 30-35 casinos..I've done most, if not all, of the juicy sign up / monthly cashable bonuses..I've also done all the good MGV Clearpay bonuses that are worth doing..As for Sticky bonuses, I have yet to do any as I am strictly focusing on making optimal risk-free money. So, the question is, since I have exhausted most of my options, what else is there left to do? Stickies? RTGs? I don't know much about RTGs, but I do know that they aren't the best when it comes to casinos because of all the complaint threads I see everywhere. The only RTG I've done so far is Vegas Casino Online. They were ok. Any other RTGs worth doing? Or any other suggestions as to where I can go to continue my casino whoring journey?
look into the accredited section - you wont have problems visiting those RTGs.
I prefer inetbet - never had any trouble, fast payouts (if you hit anything...),
good cs.:thumbsup:

Wow, iNetBet has so many bonuses! And a special Tuesday bonus.... I wonder if I could get 4-5 of those bonuses all in one deposit, or do I have to make a separate deposit for each one? Can I use the coupons without depositing?

1. Free $10 to all new players*
2. Get a 200% match bonus*
3. Get an extra 10% on our standard initial deposit bonus* Get up to $240 Free
4. Get a 100% New Player Slots Match Bonus*
Tuesday 28th: 50% Match Bonus. All Players

:D :D :D
This really isn't the forum to get advice on which bonuses to go for; it's more an educational (oftentimes entertaining) look into the online gambling world as a whole rather than the bonus-hunting side of it.

I am far from knocking Bryan's work here; I visit numerous times a day and use a lot of the information I read here.

I just feel that there are other forums where you'll get more suggestions for what you're looking for than here. If you want, PM me and I can suggest one but I won't make public suggestions in a post out of respect to Bryan. :notworthy :thumbsup:
I would try the mainstreet group. All of their casinos have switched from Playtech to RTG.
For my money the only RTG that I'd post up at is Bodog. And Mike, do yourself a big favor and pass on any of the bonuses casinos have to offer. Bonuses are far and away the biggest source of problems in this industry BAR NONE. So just say no to the bonuses.

Have a good one.
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I'd never play without a bonus, unless I was a millionaire :)

Which Playtechs are reliable? Is Tropez still bad?
What are some low wagering requirement slot bonuses can you guys recommend me? And which slots do you recommend?
I took a look through all the good RTG / Playtech bonuses and it looks like people are having problems with 90-95% of them.....this really sucks....
I took a look through all the good RTG / Playtech bonuses and it looks like people are having problems with 90-95% of them.....this really sucks....

This is why you should consider playing WITHOUT a bonus. I rarely ever do - even on initial first time deposits. Why? because I can play whatever games I feel like and there are no wagering requirements. I cash out when I please.

I would also recommend not to post in a public forum stating you are out to nail bonuses etc. since many operators (good and bad) are probably reading this thread, and they are just waiting for you to show up at their casino. Just a word of advice.
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I think one of the first 5 replies mentioned the fact that this really isn't the forum to go to when wanting info about bonuses ... but hey. :D

Just kidding with ya ...:thumbsup:
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I RARELY take an RTG bonus, not only because of the high wagering playthrough, but, unless I'm mistaken, if you are lucky enough to hit a "random jackpot" or "progressive" the payout on using many of the bonuses is limited, and you won't get all you thought you were entitled to. Just be sure to read all the T&Cs, especially with the bonus codes.

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