Which MG casino has the most games?


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Feb 4, 2006
I know I could find this out for myself (a little lazy I guess, plus so many that use the Microgaming platorm). Can anyone post a list of the MG casinos (at least several) that offer the MOST (numberwise) games within their casino software? It will be greatly appreciated!!
I'm not sure about this, but I think Grand Monaco would be one... and maybe Villento as they offer a lot of the 'old' 3 reel games I don't find elsewhere (Atlantis, Fairy Ring, Floridita Fandango, etc.).

You're quite right "Mousey", "Grand Monaco" has over 300 games!

"Grand Hotel Online Casino" has 267 games...

"Villento" is right there with 240 games...

I would have assumed "RiverBelle" would have the most, but they only list "over" 200 on their main page.


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