Which database did Sunset Slots steal?


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Aug 14, 2012
I know it's the reason why they failed their BBF but today I received a snail mail spam from Grand Fortune (same group) and I don't think that I ever registered to any of their casinos? Is it possible that they had access to more data than the "names and email addresses from affiliates"?

They had to pick up my name and physical address somewhere.


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Jun 30, 1998
The DB issue was related to affiliate marketing only. It had nothing to do with players. You may have signed up at some casino that is related to these guys - or they've partnered with someone. This is a good reason to use emails that are casino specific - this way you know who sells or appropriates your user info. Doesn't work so well with snail mail addresses though.


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Feb 25, 2004
If you use Gmail it is very easy to use specific emails for each casino.

when you sign up for a casino between your name and the @gmail.com just put +casinoname

e.g. if you have '[email protected]' then register an account with '[email protected]' it will go to '[email protected]' but you will know where it originated from.

When you receive the mail just open it and under your name there is a little downward arrow which says 'Show Details' when you hover over it, open this and it will show the full email address you registered with.

Some sites won't allow a '+' in the email address so to get round this you can put a '.' anywhere in the name and you will still receive it so in the example above you use '[email protected]' then just keep a record of who you used that particular one with and you can use as many full stops as you like (but only singly) so '[email protected]' will work but '[email protected]' won't

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