Which Cryptologic/Waterlogic casino is the best out there?


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Jan 23, 2005
Oslo, Norway
After a few months with endless deposits and losing-streaks at MG and RTG-casinos (does anyone really EVER win anything on the RTG real series slots?), I decided to try out the slots at Cryptologic-casinos. So far, I ve signed up and played at little at Intercasino and Omni Casino. The first impression has been good, the rapid fire slots seem cool (already hit the jp at a 0.90 spin at Intercasino :thumbsup: ), and especially Doctor Love has made me forget those darn rams at Thunderstruck. The ecash-system seems ok, now that they have removed the pincode. Charging 1 dollar for every withdrawal is a bit greedy, though.

My question is - which Cryptologic casino offers the best monthly bonuses and service for the medium-roller (like myself)? Is Intercasino still ruling, with the other accredited CM-casinos as runner ups?

And in addition to the marvel-slots (which people here at the forum seems to love), which slot tends to keep you going for the longest?

I'd have to agree that Inter is probably the pick of the Cryptos because it has all the games and I'm not sure if the others have dropped that crap PIN system yet either. Though Sands of The Caribbean and Littlewoods are good. I think you have to play in £ at Littlewoods though.

Games wise, my faves are "Thor" (Marvel Random Jackpot slot) which is Crypto's version of Thunderstruck essentially: 10 free spins at 3x - and Platinum Pyramids, a 20 line slot with Free Spins.

The bigest PIA is the lack of wagering options - on the 20 line slots you have to bet at < $2, $5, $20 or more a spin - nothing between $5 and $20 at all.



PS. I'm sure it's just a typo, but it's "Wagerlogic", not "Waterlogic" :)
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Intercasino is tops in terms of regular bonuses - in fact I rate them as number 1 on the whole internet in this respect! :thumbsup:

My personal favourite is William Hills - even though their monthly is much lower - I seem to be consistently more lucky there than Inter. :cool:

The WR's at Sands, Ritz, and Total Bet are too high, and I'm banned from bonuses at Omni & Littlewoods :mad:
Peach don't do monthlies (do they?), and I've never tried UK Betting...
I think I read somewhere that VIP are re-introducing monthlies - but I haven't checked.

My favourite slots are Hulk & Hamsteads (though them hamsters have been real tight-A's recently :(), and also Bejeweled & Sweet Thing (if you can call them slots! ;) )
For monthly bonuses Intercasino can't be touched. It is 25x playthru and few restricted games.

Littlewoods has a good monthly also, but it is smaller.

Omni and Sands wager requirements are too high for me to bother with.

I play the Will Hill Euro site, so I don't know about their Crypto casino bonus.

VIP Casino is very good. There is no monthly, but they had some great bonuses last December during their 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Definitely worth having an account there.

As far as slots go, I mess around with the Marvel ones occasionally, or whatever they are promoting. I'm sure you will run into bad losing streaks at Crypto just as you did with RTG.
soflat said:
VIP Casino is very good. There is no monthly...
I just checked the site & they do have monthlies!
They don't say exactly what they are, but have 5 levels from Bronze to Platinum Black.
These depend on your monthly deposits, starting from $500...
So that's no good at all for most people here's level (plastic) - or for me (cardboard! :D )
KasinoKing said:
So that's no good at all for most people here's level (plastic) - or for me (cardboard! :D )

Yes, I think VIP is more for high-rollers - min. bet on roulette is $2 :eek2: . But I managed to cash out there, so I like the casino.:)

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