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i am new on the board and i want to say hi and also start with a first question.

i played all the time in ecash casinos using the match bonus. i did very good with that because i could take my money thati deposited at any time when i saw that i lost the bonus money.

now there is only intercasino where i play every month and i could not find a similar casino.

it is important for me that it is most reputable that i get the support by phone that i get all the time my money and that i get monthly match bonuses and also that i can withdraw my deposit back on my card all the time even when i lose my bonus before making the wagering requirments. so i mean the same rules like on intercasino and maybe also much better ones.

i made not so good on microgaming casinos, first i did not like their software so much and also like i said i could not get the moneyi deposited back on my card after i did not complete the wagering requirments.

thanks for your tipps and your help

best regards

---- sorry i forgot to say that i am playing all the time using my credit card and i play only black jack. i am asking because i saw that the most casinos that i also see here on that pages do not count blackjack to the wagering requirments.
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I think another casino you can try is williamhillcasino. But the problem is the wagering requirement is rolled over to next month and they won't tolerate such bonus abuse for long.
bpsy by playing the bonus risk free you are sort of abusing the casino IMHO and not many places will let you get away with it for that long. Also if more and more players do this then it will result in fewer bonuses in the future accompanied by ever more draconian rules.
well, yes i understand that and the truth is i mostly do not need to do that, i did not need it for the the last 6 month in the intercasino because with my strategy i could always reach the wagering requirments from intercasino and also to come out of the casino with some winns but i want to be on a safe site and to know that when my strategy should not work i could always take my money that i deposited, i mean some years ago this was normal in the most of the casinos. i mean i am very disciplinate when i play in online casinos, i do not go there to loose money and telling the truth i never lost only 3 times when i could not withdraw my own money or when i played in a fake casino.

williamhill i also used in the past but from now they seem not to accept german players anymore.
davescamp said:
Try www.littlewoodscasino.com, www.ukbettingcasino.co.uk or www.totalbetcasino.co.uk. They are all quite similar to intercasino, with a 25 monthly match bonus, and you can immediatly withdraw your deposit.
I reccomend especially littlewoods :thumbsup:
I reccomend not doing what you are planing at all!
I use monthly bonuses, but I always carry on & meet the WR, even if it means losing all my bankroll. If you don't, you'll only get yourself barred & have even less places to go!
Look at the long-term, not the short term. You will win in the end.

BTW I got banned from Littlewoods after 6-months when I always met the WR's, and in fact lost money over that period! When I e-mailed to ask why, I got - no answer!
Ritz Club Online London Casino

Outdated URL (Invalid)

Just a fabulous casino and one of my favourites. I am sorry I am not sure
if they will get your fund back to your credit card but I believe they will.
And I am sorry you can not withdraw the money before meeting the WR
( 60 times though ........... ( I must admit this is not a good WR ))
But their monthly bonus is actually better than Inter ( 50 GBP per month ).
Also their betting range is incredibly wide, say, from 1 GBP to 5,000 GBP for
BJ. You can, say, do martyngale almost indefinately. Meister is
recommending this casino too.
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