which casino with NO-DEPOSIT BONUS for roulette


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Jan 13, 2010
which casino offers a good no-deposit bonus with the max cashout in order to play roulette?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Don't expect an answer from the Casinomeister anytime soon - that's not the sort of service he provides on this site. He is also a bit anti-bonus due to the problems they can cause.

As far as I know (and I've played over 200 casinos), you wont find ANY casinos offering NDBs which are valid for roulette play. In fact, you will struggle to find many who allow roulette even with DEPOSIT match bonuses!
I have a Roulette Lovers page on my site where a few are listed, but the WRs are all pretty high making all the bonuses -EV for the players.



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May 28, 2010
Check out Vegas towers it is not a no deposit bonus it is a 50 dollar match bonus on 50 dollars with NO RESTRICTIONS OR WAGERING REQUIREMENTS. so you win you cash out no hassle. I ran it up to 230 bucks before I gave it all back.

My advice to you is piss on no deposit bonuses and every match bonus you see the wagering requirements screw you over and your winnings are generally limited not to mention roulette generally increases this WR ten fold.
Welcome Bonuses are no good for table players

Use a no deposit bonus to play around and see if you like the casino it's too small a bank roll to do anything profitable at a roulette table. That being said it may be possible to pour it into slots and get a reasonable bank roll to play roulette with but again..........you'll be limited on cash out most likely to double the bonus or somthing. Gotta read the fine print too because...........

"bet's cannot exceed 30 % of the bonus amount" most I have seen is a 50 dollar no deposit and they're hard to find likely get 25 often so thats a whole 7 bucks which limits a progression bet to 3 double ups 1.2.4 because 8 is over
30 %

Unfortunately for table players you gotta pay to play but on occasion a casino will offer you a 100% no restrictions match bonus.