Which Casino has Treated You the Best?


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Feb 14, 2007
I have been playing Online for many many years and during this time I have had the opportunity to play at MANY Casinos with a vast array of different Softwares!

To me, places that looked after me (and still do) are of paramount importance to my online Gaming Experience. The interaction from Rep's and the quickness in their responses to any queries I may have plays a vital part.

With that being said, I am currently a VERY Happy Customer of two Accredited Casinos:

1. Redbet
2. 32Red

I know that these two Casinos have received praise over and over again, but it is very important for people to understand the level of dedication, the generosity and ease of communication that exists here.

Nordicbet came a close 3rd but that has changed dramatically since Ben left. Robin took over and things began to fade faster and then he jumped ship too... They are still a Great Place to play; however the people running the show make ALL the difference to me.

With 32Red and Redbet, I have open dialogue with their respective Rep's. They have afforded me some of the best experiences I have had online PERIOD. Redbet Andy and Pat Harrison are some of the most down to earth individuals. .. Lets not forget Mark and Jonathan.. Or even Ed Ware.

Being a Casino is about the bottom line... BUT when Casino's start to neglect players and behave as if they are doing you a favour to PLAY there... then its time to move on.

I kinda sat back a few times and wondered WHY on earth was I dumping Cash at Casino's who never ever bothered to even chuck me 2 Cents... Even when I had legit queries, there are occasions when the Rep's don't reply for weeks. As time wears on .. it becomes as clear as daylight. They don't care, never have and never will. You need to spend huge amounts of money and even then you may not be guaranteed of a small slice back ... or even a timely response to queries. A simple reply to queries and open dialogue garners my trust.

32Red and Redbet are not vindictive either. In this game, Casino's expect praise and nothing negative. I could start a thread on how bad an experience I had with anything and STILL receive the same treatment from them. Professionalism at its HIGHEST. I could PM Andy 25 times in one day and he wouldn't show the slightest bit of irritation... the same goes with Pat Harrison and the others mentioned.

With this in mind and all the experiences I have had thus Far... Its Cheers to Redbet and 32Red - You really embody what Customer Service is and are easily two of the BEST Online Casinos in the World! I would sincerely recommend them to Anyone at Anytime!

It's great to be so comfortable and happy with the casino you play at. I hate not being able to play at a lot of the casinos that sound so great. Sometimes being in the US stinks!

CWC has been awesome to me though so I'm not complaining. They have gone out of their way for me quite a few times and I'm happy giving them my money. Apparently. Quite. Happy. Because they get it all. All. Of. It. I'm Happy.

Oh, sorry...
I was a big fan of CWC but now, not so much. The promotions department has either kicked me to the curb or they have changed and really stink right now.

InetBet is OK. Their promos aren't that great but they do through a few freebies around.

The casino that I get the best promos from and play the least at is Intertops. They were my go to casino for a long time but I kinda quit playing there and went strickly CWC. But they still send me promos and nice freebies.

Think I am going to start playing there more often.
There are a lot of quality operations out there. So a lot of people may have differing opinions... But it's great to hear everyone's feedback - Thanks!

Couldnt agree more Nate, 32red and redbet are my fav as well,
Finally became Club Rouge at 32red last week as well and that even after being ahead there last year,
Just goes to show you how much there loyalty means to them, unlike so many other casinos, even some
Accredited Casinos that bonus ban you and god knows what for being ahead :)
I haven't yet had a w/d from Nordicbet and they don't give UK players their SUB. Betsson did give me a SUB, and my first w/d was paid in 45 minutes as I remember, without submitting docs. although I used Neteller and later verified my a/c anyway. So, Betsson gets it for me. My best MG casino although I haven't played there for ages was Ladbrokes, and 32red close behind. IGT it has to be Virgin. I don't play RTG tedium any more, but Slotocash were good while I was there. JPP were very good too. Overall, it's hard to say - because I haven't ever had cause to contact them as everything has been easy I'd say Betsson.
My top 3 would have to be:

1. Ladbrokes (more freebies & bonuses than any other casino I've played)
2. 32Red (Less freebies - but more generous ones than Lads)
3. 3Dice (More freebies than 32Red, less than Lads, but lowest WR of all (if any!))

Obviously I personally value freebies & bonuses above all other aspects when playing online :rolleyes:

bet-at.eu has treated me really good, I got five 100% deposit bonus I can use whenever I want. They always offer me other good bonuses.
And they send me free chips time to time. Also good support.

lucky nugget,good support almost always offer me 100% deposit bonuses, free spins and free chips.

32red have a good support low deposit bonus (10-50%) sometimes gives free chips.

jackpot party good support, offers 100% deposit bonus like once per month but very low wagering, sometimes gives free chip.
Well put: a very nicely formulated summing up of more or less my own opinion and experience with the mentioned Casinos.

All my praise goes to Pat Harrison and Mark in 32Red (Ed Ware has a good nose for great personnel), Andy and the affiliate manager Marcin in Redbet and i still have a lot of enthusiasm for Enzo, Anna and the support team in 3Dice.

Indeed Nordic was up there but since a semi failed deposit (the retrieval of which was a BIG pain) last time in Nordic and the departure of Ben and Robin after him, things have been going downhill in reference to things in general: it is indeed very noticeable in terms of player quality if the "flagship" in a company disappears.

I can't stress enough that a players experience in quality should be consequent at least, or gradually improving, but never ever should decrease, and then i am not talking about technical issues etc. but purely interaction with management and support, and a steady flow in preferably tailor-made promotions once in the V.I.P. program.

Of course that is taking in the fact that players maintain their end of the loyalty deal too, there can be small fluctuations but in no way
would i accept fix deals to be cut when for instance i would be up in a casino (the bulk of players in general never are) or the cutting back of promotions if i don't meet my criteria one or two months (for example deposits/wagering).

In 3Dice thats a bit more complicated, but in my experience they have always been more then fair with their offerings.

Yet again i say that communication, is THE most important thing for a player: there are always questions, changes, requests and whatnot that arise for a player over the years, and those should be attended to as quickly and clearly as possible, and when quick is not possible, or clarity is hard because of high level technical bugs then the communication should still be open and clear, no weeks of being kept in the dark, no vague excuses, just plain and clear and friendly support, always.

32Red, Redbet and 3Dice have provided such for as long as i can remember since joining them.

A big :thumbsup: for them, and may all the Casinos reading this forum be aware of why and how a business flourishes, instead of disappearing, like some, involving scandalous practices, or sometimes just fading into the abyss.

This year i have been having a hard time paying my bills, so my play was significantly less so far, and despite that these 3 Casinos have been pampering me with all the things i have more or less gotten used to and that is something that is really appreciated, such treatment will in my opinion ensure players always returning with joy, and also makes you forget or care less about suffered losses, even when they are big:)

Nordicbet under Ben was the same, with Robin too, just a fraction less, because of the take over, and now i will have to wait and see if Simon is of the same stature..

Anyway nice post, and a very important topic: these threads do pop up every now and then, and should keep popping up since things change over time, and Casinos must never rest on their laurels.
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I was a big fan of CWC but now, not so much. The promotions department has either kicked me to the curb or they have changed and really stink right now.

InetBet is OK. Their promos aren't that great but they do through a few freebies around.

The casino that I get the best promos from and play the least at is Intertops. They were my go to casino for a long time but I kinda quit playing there and went strickly CWC. But they still send me promos and nice freebies.

Think I am going to start playing there more often.

You know, now that you mention it I've wondered if CWC has changed promotion wise. I used to get quite a few "loyalty" bonuses, now I get one once a month around the 15th. I do use their promotion codes all the time now though so maybe that's why? Interesting that you brought that up, I was just thinking about the promotions this morning not being what they used to be. I will say they gave me a nice March bonus, $100 free chip plus a code to use once a day for 100% match bonus and 25 free spins on Builder Beaver. I never can figure out if it's better to not do any promotion bonuses and get loyalty rewards or just use every promo code. I'm one of those people that deposit $30 bucks a pop, maybe 5 times in one day but still...not a huge spender like some of you folks!
Naturally 32Red are up there for their CS, bonuses, promotions, freebies (I keep winning red letters) and so on and so forth.

BoyleCasino's CS were outstanding, I had some hilarious conversations with them literally in the middle of the night. A lot of deposit bonuses (some very generous ones in fact), it's just a shame PlayTech is shite though (account closed on that basis alone).

Red Flush & Casino La Vida actually have a superb CS team all round - they are on the ball. Good promotions, fast payouts (after the annoying pending period).

RedBet for sure - I've only ever had to contact CS once in the beginning for some random help. Loads of promotions, deposit bonuses, free spins, super fast pay outs. The casino manager is a gent too.


I do have to elaborate and say that 32Red are far and away the best. I hate to admit it (I'd love to say someone else) because it's not that long ago I had them listed in my "worst casinos" part of my profile (based solely on the fact I felt I could never win there), but they really are head and shoulders above the rest. I reckon I could open up live chat and actually just have a chat about whatever I wanted, they are so welcoming. Plus, recently I accepted a deposit bonus, but on my very first spin won 2 x my initial deposit. My bonus had yet to be added so I quickly called up live chat who were only too happy to remove the bonus for me, no fuss whatsoever.
I accidentally typed "me account details" (imagine a pirate voice) the other day, and so ended up having a conversation in pirate-talk with the CS rep. Hilarious.
Yeah, definitely a born-again 32Red fan.
By all and by far the casino that has been the most generous to me is 32Red, 12 years playing online, over 100 casinos signed up at and 32Red is the only one that I`ve always come back to while most fade into the dust. Regular free chips, instant and friendly support, awesome promotions, great forum reps and a 100% hassle free gaming experience. Worthy of the number 1 casino title several years running? Oh I think so.
32Red for MG and Klaver Casino for NetEnt - have been depositing quite a few times at the latter. Very good support (Jan) and withdrawals directly to my bank account the following business day, not bad at all!
For myself I don't think any casino that still operates in the US can touch 3Dice in terms of CS.

The ease of contact (phone, live chat, e-mail) and the speed of reply IMO are unmatched, plus the fact that any of the reps can solve basic problems. They are probably the only casino I never felt I was getting a canned answer from, ever.

Anna is brilliant in her response to problems and how could anyone not adore chatting with Ellen.

I'm not a big depositor but they always treated me first and fair. Their payouts are also well thought out for US players and easy to deal with.

I've often thought if I would ever trust an on-line casino with a large deposit (say $1000) and 3Dice is the only place I would even consider.
Agree with all!

As a USA player my options are fewer, but there certainly are some great casinos for us. For me, the Club World Casino Group is tops (especially Buzzluck and Lucky Red). Just recently I had a concern, wrote to the rep. attached with this site, and within a day I had my answer. I've been playing for about four years and have nothing negative to say. I love that I can trust this group and count on them to treat me fairly.
I really rate a casino that rarely gets a mention on CM but which has treated me superbly and that is Grosvenor.Every month i get a 50% deposit bonus up to £250 which only has a 1x playthrough and at Christmas they sent me a Harrod's hamper which i thought was a really nice touch.
3Dice, no contest - not even close. They are superb, IMO. I guess the only negative I would say, if forced, would be not enough games - I'd like to see many more games, different kinds, with sticky wilds and expanding wilds, and fun bonus rounds, etc.

But that's like saying, I wish I could eat more cake, even though I eat too much already, lol.

Sloto, Club World, and Heritage all come in close #2's.
who gave me better treatment

redbet (good bonuses, much freebies and free spins)

slots capital (good bonuses, less freebies than redbet but more than 32 red)

32red (less freebies, but good bonuses)

32 Red is the only MG casino I'll play and although support could be improved everything else about this casino truly surpasses any of the competitors. I've had my biggest freebies from 32 Red. The other MG casinos I used to play at including Jackpot City have just faded away. I've never had a single issue receiving my winnings at 32 Red :)

I'm going to rate Inetbet as my favorite RTG casino. I originally started playing this platform at CWC however closed all my accounts due to not being able to win which was coupled with poor service. While I'm still down at Inetbet I'm not a large depositor (as I've never been able to win on that software) and continue to receive free monthly chips and good weekly bonuses.

I'll continue depositing at these two casinos for a long time to come :thumbsup:

Spinpalace has got to be the worst casino I've ever been unfortunate enough to create an account at. I wouldn't deposit a cent at the Palace Group of casinos.

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