Where's Chatmaster gone to?


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Mar 10, 2004
No sign of him here for over a month now. Does this mean that the Casinomeister freerolls have ceased?
I think he's on vacation. As for the free-rolls, there's one scheduled for the 7th.
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It's not looking good

Chatmaster was last online on 21 July and made his last post on 29 June. There is no Casinomeister freeroll shown in the Poker333 lobby and when I click on the 'Register for the Casinomeister Freerolls' link at the bottom of Chatmaster's posts I get:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03f6'

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I fear our freerolls are finally dead. This parrot is no more, it is pushing up daisies, it has ceased to exist, ................................
The last freeroll tourney was held on 17 July and it seems that none have been held since. It does seem probable that chatmaster has left this casino group otherwise,knowing the person as he is,he would give an account of the cessation of freerolls here.
Hi Guys,

Webzcas has chatted to us today and i fixed the signup page for you. I also had a talk to chatmaster and he assured me that he will be back next week. He also asked me to post the leaderboard and i can assure you so far all tournaments have taken place and will in the future. The new signup form contains the new dates for future tournaments up to november when we will end it with a $500 freeroll to all players that qualified.

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Hi Everyone!

I am back so let the games go on!

Thanks SEOJonty for the post on Friday. Thanks, MeMeMeMeMe for missing me :D

Anyways we have another freeroll this weekend, and also a new member from my seo team SEOJonty that will be able to help out if I am not here.

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