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Dec 12, 2006

need advice. i have a friend who wants to put $1000 to online casino. he 'found out' the martingale system (roulette) and he will try to get some profit. it is some version of martingale with betting on 2 dozens at same time and then trippling the bet until he hit the desired 2 dozens.

so my question is: which casino you recommend? it needs to have high bet limit. for now my 'fav' casino is partycasino with bet limit $1-500.
and what do you think about taking a bonus? do you recommend to take a bonus or not? (because of high wagering conditions). please dont advice not to play, because its too late - he decided to take a try and has enough money to miss 1 or 2 k$.

thx for replys!
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If you look at the accredited ones to find a good place (which i would strongly recommend), there is only the Mainstreet group, which has no restrictions for US citizens. (Dont know, where your friend lives).
I would not take a bonus, but it depends on how much he wants to win.
Imagine, the "system" works and he has accomplished his goal after a few spins only - -
Good luck for both of you!

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How can anyone be more stupid than me?!
This smart guy even edited his post to activate the link to his site. A site which promotes some of the best known roguesters.
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