Where to go in Atlantic City?


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Jan 11, 2005
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I'll be visiting Atlantic city in about three weeks. Any tips on what to look out for? I'll only be in town for about 3 days and I'm looking to make the most of it.
What's the best place to stay? Where's the best gaming atmosphere?
Where are they loose with comps? :) Say you play 4-500 hundred in an average session.
I normally play stud poker when in traditional casinos plus slots.
Sorry to ask for travel advice in an online forum but I've got this instinct that quite a few people might have an idea :rolleyes:
Hope to have some fun.

Anyway, all advice is welcome
Foxwoods or the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut

Take a little more travel time and go to:
Foxwoods or the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut
The good thing about Atlantic city is you can walk the beach if you run out of money. :lolup:
Whatever you do Good Luck in the pick
Trump Taj Mahal

BEST comps and they have a good poker room for you too. Tropicana was also just redone and is like Caeser's in Vegas with the shopping mall with the clouds painted on the cealing and all.
Thanks everyone for the advice

Wow! Talk about blind spots... I've been all over the strip in Vegas, almost every major casino in Europe plus almost every online casino and I wasn't aware of these two casinos.
They look impressive.
Thanks everyone,
I'll definitely visit for the novelty value of the "largest casino in the world" if nothing else.
That's assuming two grand will be enough for three days of play.
Looking at other strands two grand seems to buy you about 3 minutes play at big dollar slots.
3 minutes and 10 seconds if you don't hand out 100 dollar tips :eek2:

Anyway Cheers

...Of course I could just forget the trip an have a couple hours of mayhem playing Skullduggery :D

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