Where to complain about Webdollar?


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Oct 17, 2001
Any one, who knows where to go to complain about an enterprise like Webdollar? They owe me money since August 27th, when I cashed out at Five Star Casino.
First they told me, that the draft had been sent on August 31st, then that it had been sent in September, and then on the 1st of October!
Today is October 17th, and I have still not received the draft.
Who can one turn to in such a situation? Can you file a complaint to the OPA or to our friend Brian, like in the case of casinos not paying?
I suppose you cannot make the casino itself responsible in that case, or what?
Anybody with similar experiences?

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I have identical problem with Webdollars,namely at casino GoldClub.On money waiting more than year!!
From my card was money deduction and sent to some account of Webdollars in France!!

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