Where to bet on Harness today? (Hambletonian / Nat Ray)


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Jun 5, 2009
Today it's the Hambletonian and some other fun races at Meadowlands and I want to know where I can place bets. :confused:

I only know the swedish Unibet and ATG.

I checked several sportsbooks like Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and a few more but I can't find anything.

Does anyone know? :)
Youbet is where I bet online. I have for many years. It just with merged with the Kentucky website Twinspires. I think they lost tons of money when they decided blocked Youbet players for 2 years, from betting on the Kentucky Derby and they learned their lesson by that and allowed us back in to bet there. Silly people....

I pay no fee and the odds on payouts are higher than at the track. You can bet on harness, and thouroghbreds, in the USA, Canda, Chinese etc etc tracks...great and easy to use site.

My brother cannot bet in NJ because they too have Youbet blocked so he visits me quite often :)
Just a little bit of info. Twinspires pays the exact betting format that the tracks do. They don't hold out any 'juice' and the bets and winnings aren't capped. Just exactly like betting at the track, same odds, same payout and everything.

They will pay by check, usually takes 3 days from request to get a check or deposit directly back into your bank.

Right now, NS Visa cards won't work online but if you call them on the phone, works fine. Although online horse betting was not part of the UIGEA, they got tagged anyway.
I had problem register at twinspires but I googled as a maniac and found totebet. :)

It worked.

I realized that the odds in Sweden is low on swedish horses and it was a bit higher at totebet. :)

I will check sportsbook.com as well. Thanks!
anniemac: They will pay by check, usually takes 3 days from request to get a check or deposit directly back into your bank
Youbet.com pays right to your checking account. You can use a debit card for funding within seconds. I do not know about check mailing because I never asked about this option.

The more you bet, the more comp dollars you get for cash or gifts. I purchased many things from their website and used a lot of my comp dollars to bet with when I was low.

They also have all your account information online for you to check for W-G forms and such for tax filings. The best part of their site is that they show your monthy average betting. IRS flagged my taxes on my gambling losses and questioned me on a few of the W-G's and wanted me to pay an additional $750 in taxes on my winnings..

The feature for the average monthly betting showed I was more than covered on all my winnings and they accepted this page from my account and closed the auditing on my account. This saved my butt big time.

Good luck where you play!


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