Where is the buck gonna stop?


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Anyone else noticed the Dollar is plumeting at the moment?
Oct-7th $1.776/
Nov-19th $1.849/
Today $1.934/

Means I have 'lost' over 50 quid in 2 weeks without doing anything! :(
Could be a very good time for non-USA punters to buy $ (i.e. Deposit loads from credit cards into casinos!), unless it's going to carry on sliding! :( :(

Any foresight from any US economists would be much appreciated, please! :D
I know what you mean, I have lost so much compared to last year :(
I can see the being worth about $2 soon, I can't see the situation getting better :( I realy hope I am wrong though ;)
I try to keep up with the daily business news. Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the forcast is that the dollar will continue to decline for the next year; so financial analysts say. This news is current as of last week when I first read and heard it on CNBC and USAtoday.

I feel u though. Two weeks ago I was passing through Charles DeGaulle in Paris and $30 USD bought my husband and me 3 cups of coffee and 2 croissants. :oops:
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The decline has hurt a lot of people and has been going on for some time now. It will continue to do so as Tunisian Housewife reports, I think.

However, I am a believer in the ability of the USA to come back stronger than ever - it's always been resilient and resourceful and I think we will see a stronger dollar eventually.

Long term, who knows how the world economy will develop...there are a lot of expert opinions that China and India will be the dominant forces over the next two decades.

Now let's hope this thread doesn't bog down in political disputes again!
**Maybe it is because I am from South Africa, and we are used to our money having very little 'punch'. Hang in there guys, I know it is frustrating, but hey, at least you are nowhere near the Zimbabwe situation! **
It's cost me 5% in the last month and a half, that's for sure. It would be worse if not for central bank intervention... unlike the quid which will almost certainly be $2 and above any time now.

Maybe I should switch to promoting Euro and Pound casinos... LOL...

but Jetset is also right - it will not remain this way forever - all my funds are in US dollars and being left right where it is in California, I am only importing the absolute minimum I need for expenses.
"Maybe it is because I am from South Africa, and we are used to our money having very little 'punch'."

Actually the South African rand has improved out of all recognition, gaining almost 50 percent against the pound sterling over the past two years and still going like a Boeing, along with pretty good GDP numbers of just over 5 percent this year...it's an illustration that things can definitely look up no matter how desperate it might appear to be at any particular stage.
*Jetset, you from there too? Because MOST who are from there and spending a little mula, would certainly not even blink at any of that! My point was, we are used to it. Stuff happens. Nothing to panic about.IMHO*

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