Where do you NEVER win?


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Mar 29, 2002
Here's an interesting question I have for you gamblers who play at multiple casinos. Are there any that you've played at on at least 5 different occassions and just never win no matter what you play or when you play? I have a few, but I'll chime in with mine after we get going, so it doesn't seem like just a personal gripefest.
I must say that I have had a terrible run at Gold Club. Played their monthly 100% bonus 4 times and cashed out a total of 250$. Thats a total of 400$ deposited of mine plus 400$ in bonus and recieved 250$ back form 800$. And thats flatbetting 10$ hands with perfect BS black jack. Pretty pathetic eh.
I have won with every casino I've played, except for one, Cirrus Casino. Slots programmed so tight, I could actually hear them squeak!!
My worst experiences were at the Gaming Club & Spin Palace. I have never left a casino angry when I have lost until the gaming club. I think we spent about $2000 that day & since we were doing $100-$200 at a time, we thought we would be able to play all day...we lost it so fast that we both were like "UNINSTALL THAT NOW!!!" A friend or someone I chat with at a different board has won so much at spin palace so we checked it out and did nothing but lose. But My best experiences have been with Jackpot City, Bella Vegas, Golden Tiger (who have paid me the quickest and have the BEST reward program I have found) I have done REALLY great & REALLY bad at River Belle so they are still lingering in my lists. At Golden Tiger not too long ago, I had $50 to play with and ended up just an hour later with over $6000 from several wins of $500 -$1200. I lost about $4000 within two hours, stopped playing and saved the rest so my husband could have fun & play and he lost it in about an hour that night. This was before I learned how to flush. I will never be that stupid again. But I think we all have been there where you think "I have to win some of it back" especially when you have gone on a huge winning streak...but weve ended up with nothing...oh those evil little slots & our love hate relationships. I love Reel Thunder so much & when it doesnt pay me or I go on a constant losing streak, I feel personally offended like "hey reel, its me your friend wanda, why are you doing this to me?" lol whats that number to gamblers annonomous ? Maybe Dr. Phil?
I almost forgot to post mine on here! Spin Palace is at the top of my never win list too Wanda. I keep getting bonus offers from them and have played with non bonus offers as well and can simply NEVER win there. Its amazing. I think in over a dozen sessions, I've had one $50 profit session.

Another is Roxy Palace, same scenario as Spin Palace. Captain Cooks is another one. I think I've had one winning session there, and that wasn't for much. I did, however, hit a 5000 coin royal at their sister Casino Kingdom so that was nice.

On the RTG side, the only one I've played at recently is Crown Vegas, but can never win there either, no matter how many bonuses they toss my way.

When it gets to the point of multiple losing sessions over many months at a casino, I delete the s/w and don't go back, no matter what bonus offers they send my way. Unless one of these places are putting totally free money (no deposit required that is) in my account, I won't go back.
Agreed 100% about Roxy Palace. "Never Again!" - Cried the Jews "Never Again!"
I've won with all types of casino software except Boss Media. Can't get a damn thing on it! LOL!
that cause linda they have a rng cheat code that wont let u win no matter how hard u try. WE need to have them disbarred from the business.
Nonsense, I've hit 4ok on let it ride there at least twice and made plenty of money on lesser hands there as well. And they ALWAYS paid promptly and without any hassles. I've played there regularly for many years.

What do you play there Linda?
I've never won a lot at Gold Club Casino - by this I mean I've never actually won any hands of poker or any craps ever got a blackjack... I think its rigged. Overall I've only lost about maybe $400US - I guess it could be worse :p

Do you know which software they use Gary? The name is familiar, but I can't recall what they use.
Gold Club??? :confused:
They're a fun place to play. :)
You deposit $20..you get a $20 bonus and wager the bonus 10X.
You don't make a lot and you don't lose alot.
I think they're pretty fair. :proud:
Am I right when I say its Boss Media (just like William Hill UK)? Is that what Will hill use? They used to use crypto but have non donwload Boss?

Anyway - its one of the few casinos I havnt one at - I have won at Will Hill, so I think it must be bad luck or maybe I play too much when I'm drunk :beer:

Will Hill is still cryptologic, but I'm pretty sure gold club is Boss.

DROP THAT BEER! Friends don't let friends gamble drunk.
Gold Club uses Boss Media software and, I think, the casino is operated by Boss. Personally, I love this casino. They have a monthly $100 match bonus. When I first signed up the playthrough was 10 x bonus, now it is 25 x bonus -- this is a little high but just under the level where I'll refuse the match money. I usually play BJ. I'll lose my deposit and bonus two out of every three months but average a win of $500 - $600 every third month or so -- keeping me a bit ahead of the game. I've had some trouble getting them to send my winnings to the right account (still my account, just not my preferred gambling account), but they always pay out within a week (shorter I think to NETeller).

Their craps tables have been very good to me also, bringing me back after some terrible BJ sessions. (Of course, play at the craps table does not count towards the required play through.)
I never win at Piggs Peak. I'll get ahead a little bit then have a terrible run. I have also had terrible luck with second, third deposits at a lot of Microgaming casinos. Seems like I come out ahead on my first deposit + bonus but then can't seem to string together many winning hands on subsequent buy-ins.
Wallstreet Casino... BossMedia... Playede there 4-5 times and never won. BlackJack flatbetting right into the big round zero. Played with free money, bonus and no bonus.. Still the same...

A bit afraid of the dealer, so only play public tables. In a private session I'm afraid the dealer might kill me totally...
Goldclub is flat out fixed, i use to love them , they so fixed , they once put money into my account and i had to call them, to them they did it. other casino is every last playtec

i stick to con and interbet and rtg casinos
I'm certain it's been well over a year since I posted a note here saying something like "we need to stick together and share where we're WINNING, not b**tching about where we lose. The more who win the more who redeposit to these same sites that pay" and yada yada. But this perspective is so much more ...vindicating. And I, too, have 2 or 3 casinos where I am lucky to leave still owning my password! Now I'm not saying that there is anything shady about any of these sites or their associated software. However a couple of things seem odd: I typically win the first time out with a casino that's new to me but in later sessions, nothing. Also, as some other contributors have mentioned, the places where I lose are invariably the same places so many other players swear by. So the first comment could lead you to believe that promos for new players are augmented by making sure that player has enough feel for the win under his/her belt by the time (s)he logs off that a compulsion to return is inevitable. And the second comment could indicate paranoia and a persecution complex that certain players are preselected to win and others to lose, not matter what, providing a no-brainer hands-off method of balancing out the casino win/lose financial picture.

That having been beat to death, I canNOT win at Intercasino, nor at Captain Cooks,nor can I get beyond a tease at Caribbean Gold prior to taking my entire bank roll into the dumpster with me. I've played online for 3 years and am certainly not} the worst player, tactically, but in that time I have only cashed out perhaps 3 times and none even totaled $1,000. Oh, yes, another highly touted site is Sands of the Caribbean. Never even came close to any win of substance (i.e.<,$50 per game "hand")
Three places come to mind:

InterCasino. I always, always lose there. After immense effort, I will occasionally get myself a few bucks ahead, then kaboom -- the roof falls in, and it always falls in. I will also say that I have perceived a real difference between the public games and the private games. In the private games (which, against my better judgment, I'm always drawn to because they're faster and multi-hand), I have the sense that I've been taken back behind the building, where nobody can see, to have the crap quietly kicked out of me.

Casino365. I have come genuinely to hate the voice of that British-accented woman who welcomes you when you log on. I have no doubt that she is a horrible person with a sordid past. I won a measly $50 the first time I played, but since then have won absolutely nothing. I'm considering simply setting up a direct deposit arrangement, so that I can pay these folks a fixed amount each month, without the time and bother of actually playing the games.

Finally, for me, the Great Power Nazi of All Casinos -- Sands of the Caribbean. I have concluded that there was some sort of error in my download of the software -- whatever the bits and bytes are that provide for a player win were omitted from the transfer. It has to be a technical problem :)]), because nobody could cheat this blatantly. I recently flew down there to try to locate that BJ dealer with the comforting, honey-toned Jamaican accent -- I was gonna stomp his stealin' [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] -- but I couldn't find him. He's clearly hiding out from me.
Ohmigosh, "Caps",that is the funniest piece of semi-solicited, self-serving (lol) editorializing I have read in a decade. You have hit that nail right on the head. I have to admit to a lack of self control and a severely damaged "stop" gene in my gambling DNA, but I enjoyed your post thoroughly even as I contemplated the possibility that together we're supporting this entire industry singlehandedly. My only regret is that we never dare gamble together. It would look like an online gaming Armistice celebration if THAT word got out! Casino Operators everywhere saying "Mildred! Quick! We CAN buy that BMW for little Ricky!" Loved it.[color=0077aa] :rofl: [/color]}
allzfair wrote: ...certain players are preselected to win and others to lose, not matter what, providing a no-brainer hands-off method of balancing out the casino win/lose financial picture

I had a similar thought along this line as well, and of course thought it must be just paranoia. But more and more I wonder if maybe there is something to it. I, like you, can't win at Capt. Cooks. Same with Spin Palace. Lucky to get out of there with my fillings still intact! And its uncanny because it doesn't matter what games I play either and its a streak that lasts for many many months (or until I wised up and stopped playing there). It just does not feel right.

Intercasino on the other hand runs either hot or cold for me. I play let it ride there almost exclusively (sometimes some 3 card poker for a change), and have hit 4ok a couple of times, but other times can't buy a pair. This can go on for a couple of months, then turns around. That I don't mind because eventually it turns around, but not at those two mentioned above.
I have also had ups & downs with intercasino-mostly downs. I think I only came out ahead one time and that was for a hundred or so. I keep getting sucked into those 100% match bonuses! Slots Alley was the other one I tried to many times with nothing to show-finally learned (sometimes I can be such a slow learner!) Lost my initial $$ and bonus so fast at Roxy's that I only tried it once (so sometimes I learn quicker).
Actually had the best overall luck at Golden Riviera and River Nile (sister sites-microgaming) but their payouts were so slow I stopped playing at either of them.

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