Question Where do you guys play slots tournaments?


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Aug 20, 2019
Hi all!

So, I love me a good slots tournament, but I think I'm being a bit picky about what I'm after.

I like how at Videoslots, you buy in and then you're basically playing the tournament with play-money. But, at Casumo, I like how you get points for the leaderboard (ie 2 points for a win, 30 points for a mega win) - but, not how you're playing with your own money.

Is there anywhere the combines the best of both worlds, or is that asking a lot?

What actually makes a good slots tournament for you?


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Jan 8, 2019
I must admit although they are not strictly free to enter the Videoslots ones afford me regular play with possible reward. I get the impression I have been lucky but my friend agrees.

I like the Casumo ones as theres generally no minimum bet but thats a great question you ask.

I like the tournament involvement also but some are based on turnover which is no good for a low roller like me. The Rizk ones I have had some results on but are minimum 50p or £1 for the biggies.

So good slots tournament for me is equal participation which i guess means minimum bet or like Videoslots, the funds supplied for each battle if you dont spend too much getting the access.

Edit: Unibet do ones where the highest multiplier wins sometimes. Just one spin so i like them and i find Cashmio races are decent because theres a wide selection of games at minimum bet participation.