where do micro games live on my puter?


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Oct 5, 2005
apparently, im having an issue with a microgaming casino on my computer.

if i click the shortcut, or try to run it anyway i can think of, it blinks on screen for a millisecond, then is gone, but is still running in the task manager. i can't get it to run, and have tried numerous times to uninstall and re-install it, but the same thing keeps happening...so i'm convinced there has to be a registry key or something someplace that is causing a conflict....:what: :what: :what:
had the same happen to me a while back. is it gaming club by any chance? i think that's who it was for me. try quitting most of the stuff that's running, i think that solved my problem. sorry i'm not much help, but know that it has happened to me and likely others. just keep messing around and it'll work eventually.
I cant log into Roxy today - dunno if thats linked? "Error connecting to the upgrade server". Flash version was fine.
no, thats not it, its royal vegas, and for whatever reason, it wont run...it "knows" that its been installed, but won't run... i figured i have a corrupt download, but, after re-downloading it, i get the pop-up asking why im leaving....but im not leaving, im just trying to get it to run...

i've tried running it from the shortcut, ive tried right clicking and "run as"...no go...someplace theres an issue, so i thought if i could remove it completely, and start over, i might be able to re-install and try again.
it has been mentioned that mg joints load up a bunch of different things at once (intro sequence, greeting/message of the day, account name/pw if saved, possibly downloading new games or sw updates) when starting up the casino. bummer dude, don't know what to tell you?

FORMAT C:?? <Y/N> :eek:

nah not worth it. try cleaning up all your junk files using 'windows washer' and possibly running adaware or norton. a lot of times it mistakes casino components for adware, maybe it's being suppressed somehow inadvertently. can you transfer your balance to another casino in the group and play there perhaps? try cs maybe? although likely they are typical buffoons that usually get this job, but maybe they'll comp ya something for your troubles once you do get in? bleh, i dunno. good luck
Uninstall the Casino then go to Start->Run and type in Regedit and click ok.
Once the registry is open then go to Edit->Find and type in the casino name to do a search. Once you get the results Delete those keys and or folders that pop up with that casino name. Then do the find again and delete again until you get through the entire registry. (This may take awhile)
Just to be certain you have cleaned your registry of this casino try different variants of the name that it could be but be careful to confirm that you are deleting the target casino's reg files or you may accidently mess up another casino or program.
Also make sure to note your LogIn ID before doing this as you will wind up deleting that information from your computer.

Next Clean your cookies by opening a browser going to Tools->Options->Settings
If you just want to delete the casino specific cookies do a search on this folder and delete those entries.

Next do a search on your PC for files that are related to the casino and delete all of those folders included.

After you are certain the registry, cookies and PC are clean you should be able to reinstall the software and run it.
Just a thought - how long are you giving the casino to start up?

I've noticed that since the latest MG 'mega upgrade' the casinos take AGES to boot up. :mad:
(1-2 minutes - but feels like 10! :p ).
A few times I think it's not working, but if I just leave everything alone it does start eventually.
Yep, they have become memory hogs, all these casinos. I too have had my virtual windows saying its out of memory and is allocating it to the running programs..seems you must have at least a gigabyte of memory for these casinos to run smoothly anymore, and most computers come with 128-256. Not good....but get another stick of memory and all is good!

Another thing I had to do was uninstall the casino and then go to the start button, right click , go to explore (not explorer), go to programs and see if the casino is still listed there. Propbably is, and you need to delete the remainder of the program folder manually. This worked every time for me. Don't forget to do a cold boot before reinstalling!

Hope this helps.
I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. I received an email from the Havana Club stating they have credited my account with 30 USD. Yes, I am fully aware that the Havana Club is no longer a Fortune Group casino. In fact I really don't know who they are affiliated with. Let this blonde ramble just for a sec. It was about 6 months ago I recieve my first email from the Havana Club stating thay had credited my account with 50 USD. Unfortunately, I had already uninstalled the casino and when I went to their casino homepage, It read I would be upgraded to Platinum Play Casino since they were no longer accepting new players. (this was before any of the mass exodus resulting from the HR bill). I called their CS and they suggested sending me the original download link. This worked just fine and within a half an hour I blew the 50 USD :(
Back to yesterday, after receiving their email, I tried to log into the Havana Club and got a no connectivity type message. I emailed them, they suggested deleting alll the cookies, temp files, chrck for active X enabling ect.
I even uninstalled the casino again and used the download link.
What I got was what Max got, a millisecond blink of the casino and that was it. Sorry to be so long winded, just need to share this experience.
Blink & Gone

I have replicated this problem. It happens on ADSL Broadband. The casino sees no internet connection, but instead of requesting access to the ADSL modem just blinks out again.
My solution is to first open another internet site and get the broadband to connect. The casino then works.
Another problem is when the loading page runs in upgrade mode, reaches 100% and then blinks out (casino launches updated EXE file), and a long delay happens. Nothing on screen, but casinogame still seen in task manager.

I believe there is a memory leak, a bad one, in the upgrade process. I ran a full upgrade from a new install, but after about an hour I got the "out of memory" error and my paging file was expanded.
When leaving the casino after an upgrade, I notice the hard drive churns for a couple of minutes and the PC is slow. This looks like resources are being grabbed by the casino, but not released after the game upgrade has completed, and the next game only adds to the problem. With a full update, 1Gb is not enough!!!
vwm, i had that one a few times too. well i know for a fact that cbw and 2+2 are sending a lot more traffic to mg casinos the past couple weeks as well. frankly the software is decent enough to be worth the little hassle getting it to run. i can't afford to gamble that much right now anyways.
im taking it as a sign from above that im not supposed to play there, as the same thing happens on my laptop...(brand new Vaio with a gig of ram).

all other mircrogaming casinos work fine...too bad most won't let me play anymore.

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