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May 19, 2006

I have some problems with Club world casino! I won when they had the old software and then they changed to RTG and I have stil not received my money. But I do not know the place to make a complain. I tried at MONTANA but they do not have the casino on the list so I could not make a complain. I need some advise..
The problem!

Okey the details!

I played the old software and won 750 Euro 04.03.2006 and have 100 % fulfilled the terms for the signupbonus. I made the cashout the 19.03.2006 after I receive a new password because the changed the software to RTG. Then they told me by email that the needed me to call them and I have done that 3 times but everytime the person I have to speak to is not there. I have also scanned all my info and emailed it to them. But I do not think they care about that. I made a complain to Montana but the casino is not even on the list to complain about at montanas complainform?
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