Where can I find Slot reel layouts?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Does anyone know where to find the reel layouts of online casino slots?

In particular, I'm interested in Microgaming.
This would be very useful information for working out the probability of certain combinations appearing.
I've had quite a good search on the net, but no luck.

Can anyone help?
I wouldn't think that Microgaming would make these publicly available.

You could try mapping them out yourself through observation (in play mode). Though that would only work if the number of symbols per reel was manageable.
Kasino King

As I have mentioned, they are decipherable yourself: just record all the results of all your spins. You will soon see that there are only a certain amount of positions on each reel. Once you have recorded each possible position for each reel, it is just a matter of attaching the strips of 3 together in a way that creates a complete reel. It can get a little dicey as certain 3 symbol sequences can repeat themselves on a given reel, but in stringing the sequence out you can usually discern which strings repeat.
In my experience, you will NEVER get a casino or game designer to give you that information. I am not sure what the big secret is.
I have mapped the sequences on the Aceclub etc. 5 reel slots. I am just starting to map the reels from the Java games available at Intercasino and Omni and those types. I don't have access to any Microgaming slots unfortunately so I can't help you there.
Simmo seemed to have been paying some sort attention to the reel sequences on the Golden Goose slots. I don't know if he sequenced each reel completely, however.
For some reason, this info is regarded as top secret. When I tried to get confirmation of my data on the Aceclub reels, they shut me up right quick! (Well, they at least ended THEIR participation in the conversation!)
I gotta get my own computer so I can research the HOT slots that everyone is talking about. No more Slotland and stinky Java...
Obviously I could map them myself - but that would take bleedin' ages, and frankly I've got better things to do! :D

It makes no sense for the software providers to keep this a secret, so I was hoping someone knows where to find them.

Simmo's a possibility, but I expect he's got better things to do too! ;)
Already tried it with lasseters using framegrabbing software a couple of years ago.

I gave up on reel 1 of my chosen machine once it reached about 400 stops without repeating the reel sequence...

What I reckoned.
In Lassies each symbol is a reel, its not a sequence of 3 vertically or horizontally, and they seem to be randomly generated for the spin, just to give that 'slots effect'.

So a three line machine of three symbols is a 9 reel machine.
There is no sequence, the machine generates any old rubbish for the 'spin', only the final symbol really matters.

Other places may be different but always bear in mind these are microchip slot machines we're talking about.

eeks experience with Lasseter's mirrored mine exactly with Slotland: in those cases the animation was NOT of the virtual reels. It is true, in that case you cannot discern the reels.

However, I believe most video slots DO indeed depict the exact virtual reels with their animation. I know that in the Aceclub family and the Intercasino family, the reels are static and finite and can be mapped. You are right though, KK, it does take a while, depending on how good you are at puzzles :) The Aceclub ones took me many hours each as each reel was completely different. Aladdin's Lamp at Intercasino took me less than two hours though: all five reels are the same in size and sequence! (If only they made them all like that...)

If I get access to MG slots, I will map them out for you. I have much time to waste :lolup:
If you do find this info somewhere (which I highly doubt) I would be VERY interested as well.
I would love to know this info also.

I don't know how much it would help anyone playing slots unless there is a flaw - and if there is, I think the finder would be spinning away, not posting...

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