Where are the winning screenshots from the new games?


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Havent seen any winning screenshots of the new games. I am sure quite a few people have tried them.

Please post if you have any as I am at work and itching to play. I want to get psyched up before I get home and play.
Oh wait...maybe I better not else I'll be disappointed. hehe


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Doh! Forgot to add the word Microgaming slots in the title.

BTW, how do I edit posts? I didnt see an edit button anywhere.


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Someone had a nice hit on Golden Goose Crazy Chameleons. Look in Winner screenshots to see it.


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New Microgaming slots screenshot

Not a huge payout (these seem to be getting stingier with every new game) but nice to look at.


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Micro new slots

These game definately are stingy. I took over 1,200 spins yesterday on that Chain Mall as a test run and never got one bonus round. Ugh !


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I don't like the new batch...boring and ugly to look at. I guess I would think better of them if I won. Stingy is putting it mildly. I'm staying away!