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Jul 20, 2004
Last summer, I got my first (and only) VP royal flush. Needless to say, I was quite pleased. I cashed out most of my winnings and continued playing at the site, figuring that if I got a royal there, they can't be all bad, and might even deal from the deck fairly.

Now this site has 4 different machines with > %100 payback that they open up for a few hours per week. At the time, I figured this was a good thing, so I sat down to play some full-pay deuces wild.

That was $900 ago on a .25 game. Needless to say, I haven't seen a second royal there. This isn't that suprising as I've only played about 20000 hands, and the frequency of a royal is about 1/40000, so its a 50/50 thing there. What is suprising is that I haven't seen 4 deuces either. This is about a 1/5000 frequency and as the deuces is about 5% of the machines payout, this is the primary reason for being down 900.

I stopped playing there in December because it was really starting to irritate me. But today I thought I'd give them another chance, reinstalled their software, made a small deposit and played again. No deuces, no royal, but after 45 minutes of their happy hour, I had somehow managed to turn $50 into $150. I recieved 4 wild royals, 2 5 of a kinds and several straight flushes. All in all, an extremely good run, but still on the hunt for the royal or deuces, I kept playing as there was only 15 minutes left.

Net result: 15 minutes....$150 turns into 0.

I can play about 800 hands per hour, which means I played maybe 200 hands in the last 15 minutes. I'm not sure what the payout for that period is exactly, but I know it sucks.

Now I had a very reasonable chance of losing that deposit once I started playing. However, I do NOT believe that I had a reasonable chance of losing $150 in a .25 vp machine in 15 minutes. I had a chance, for certain, but not a reasonable one.

Just like I had a chance of losing $900 in 20000 hands, rather than the statistical $450.

Just like I had a chance of not being dealt 4 deuces in 20000 hands

Just like I had a chance of not being dealt a royal in 20000 hands

Jeesh....why doesn't the casino just have me lose my first 40 hands in a row and take my deposit that way? After all, there's a chance of that happening too, right?

Isn't there any way ensure that these operators deal a fair game? Or do I just need to move closer to a real casino?
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Mugwump said:
Isn't there any way ensure that these operators deal a fair game? Or do I just need to move closer to a real casino?

Pal, that's just video poker. Better get used to it.

I assume you're talking about Global Player. I've seen nothing but good remarks about them, although I still haven't tried them. If I was you I would feel confident that you got a fair shake at a legit casino.

If you want to get a good feel of how bad video poker can run, get Bob Dancer's software and run simulations on it, over and over. Have fun with it. Try different games.

Sometimes I just set it on infinite high speed simulation and let it run for hours. I've seen Jacks-or-Better run 150,000 hands with no royal more than a couple times. Yes, it's sick. And if it were for real money, I would have lost a few grand even at 25-cents.

If you want to see a sick game, run 10/7 Double Bonus. Although it is a possitive game played optimally, you can get "stuck" BIG TIME before it shows profit.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry that you got cheated. I'm sure Global is on the square. If you don't like the certain variance of video poker, try another game. Good luck. :thumbsup:

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