When will casino's make their T&C's CLEAR?


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Aug 25, 2004
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This really annoys me. Are they incompetent, or deliberately trying to confuse players?

Got the bonus offer below recently (Have blanked the name, but many will know which MG casino sent it!)

The e-mail said:-
To take advantage of this amazing promotion, make a single deposit of $100 or more with Neteller and from Thursday 4th August to Friday 12th August 2005 (midnight GMT) and then send an email to xxxxx@xxxx.com with "Neteller 100" and your promotion will be awarded as soon as possible or alternatively you can phone us on our toll free numbers listed here

<See Terms & Conditions>

This promotion does not overlap with any other promotion. This offer
is only for the members of our mailing list and cannot be passed to others
and cannot be posted to forums.
The T&C link takes you to this page:-
In order for you to receive the bonus, you must wager the required deposit five times.
To withdraw the bonus and the winnings gained you will simply need to:

- have on your account the amount deposited and double the bonus amount

- and have wagered 5 times the deposited amount plus wager 5 times the amount of the received bonus.

Please note that this promotion does not overlap with any other promotion in offer.

Good Luck !!

Right then. The e-mail says deposit $100, e-mail them (immediately) and you will get the bonus. (or does it???)
But the T&C's say you must wager 5x the deposit BEFORE you get the bonus!
Then it goes on to say you must have wagered 5xD & 5xB before you can withdraw. So does that mean you have to wager 5xD twice??? :confused:

I like this bit:
This promotion... cannot be posted to forums
Yes it can! ;)
And yes it will - until you start making your T&C's totally unambiguous!
Thanks for pointing that out, KK. I got 6 of those e-mails and was just assuming the casinos had their usual terms and conditions, which would mean you only had to wager the deposit once before claiming the bonus.

I agree it's not clear if you have to wager the deposit 10x in total, though I'm guessing you do (i.e. wager 500, claim bonus, then wager another 750).

I doubt they're deliberately trying to be confusing, though. This group are about the best around for having simple and clear terms for their bonuses (even if the deposit + 2x bonus condition is a bit quirky) :notworthy

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