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Jun 1, 2007
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when the casino's call it advertising,

i received an email promoting
all slots casino
jackpot city
platinum play
it had 3 banners in the one email, there were no aff links as i could see, but i reported it to brightshare,all slots aff programme, as i never signed up to receive anything from "the only jackpots online" ive never even heard of them,

i received a reply today

Thank you for writing. This is not an affiliate, but an advertiser and has been handed over to the advertising department with a request that his address be removed from the mailing lists. Please note, you can click at the bottom and Remove me from this list

so as far as i can see anyone can send you spam promoting casino's but if its called advertising, it is ok, what happened to zero tollerence on spam?

the part when she says
Please note, you can click at the bottom and Remove me from this list

that got the sarcastic SOB part of me really going as everyone knows you should never click on any links in emails unless you know the sender,
so i fired off another email

so your telling me whenever i receive a spam email promoting a casino, i should click on the "remove me from the list" link ?

Report it to us of course, and yes, remove yourself from the list.

my reply

so even if i don't know the sender of the promotional emails i should still click on the link to remove myself from there emailing list ?

there reply

If you dont want to receive e-mails from that source any longer, than you should click to remove yourself.

my reply


should i click the remove me link even if it is from someone advertising a casino and also advertising that i have won millions in the Nigerian lotto , how do i know that the person advertising the casino isn't the same person advertising the Nigerian lotto, or emailing me advertising that they want to leave me $41.000.000 in there will, please "click here" to send me all of your personal information, so that i can send you a wire for the said amount,

I'm a bit puzzled by the whole thing, if you could clarify how i could tell them apart, i will be your friend eternally

there reply

Im not sure I understand what you mean. What I suggested was, if you receive an e-mail from what you believe is a spammer, and you do not want to continue to receive e-mails from them, then you should take yourself off that list.
I hope this helps.

:D:D i bet she loved hearing from me on a monday morning :D:D

i noticed this in some aff programmes spam terms and conditions

f.All emails must be supplied with a clear and conspicuous opt-out message in the header of the email. All requests to opt-out must be honored within 10 days and the recipient who has opted-out may not be contacted via email again.

it seems this clicking the link in a spam email to remove yourself from there mailing list seems to be a get out of jail card for all spammers,


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Jun 3, 2006
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I don't bother to click the link or report the spam. In my experience that is just a waste of time and effort. Not to mention that most of the time the spammers just use the opt-out link as confirmation that they have a real live email address to send more spam too.

All I do is put them in my junk file.
I never have to see anything from that spammers address again and it is automatically reported as spam to

I find that is a great solution that works real well.

BTW - I don't care if the email has opt-out links or not... If I did not specifically ask to receive the emails it is spam, in my opinion.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Forget their weasel words.They know FULL WELL that the general advice is to never click ANY link on an email that the recipient has not KNOWINGLY subscribed to, and that has been CLEARLY identified as coming from a source that the recipient has KNOWINGLY subscribed to.

Forget about taking the fight to the spammers, they are often unaccountable, and use fake cyber identities.

The fight MUST be taken to the businesses that are advertised, and they have to be pressured into taking more robust action against breaches of law and codes of practice.

In this case, Spin Palace may have dropped themselves in the sh1t, since they have admitted THEY were responsible for organising the sending of it, so if any breaches of law have been comitted THEY can be held accountable.

It is a minefield, since different countries have different laws. In using an email address that has NOT been provided, but bought & sold without permission, they would have certainly comitted an offence here in the UK, as would the seller of the email address.


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Dec 24, 2005
Hi all,

Get this....

Complained to my contact at Wagershare about a spammer (yes 1 in same thread as Spin Palace Spam yesterday)...

Not to mention the FACT that I forwarded all 3 spams to him & informed him that both emails had been acquired from a purchased database and not an opt-in subscribe list.

So what do you think this moron did today???

Oh yes he sent my emails to the spammer and told him to remove them from his list :mad:

Then I get this from the Wagershare clown I reported all this to... "I am going on vacation tomorrow, but I will be back next Wednesday hopefully we can talk about working together then if you are still interested."

Yeah like that's going to happen :rolleyes:

I should have saved myself all the frustration and just clicked on the "unsubscribe sucker link"...Either way it returned the same result.

Talk about an invasion of privacy, for all I know my email complaints (complete with full name) got forwarded to the SPAMMER :mad: :mad: :mad:

I've got another contact a lot higher up the food chain at Spin Palace. So he's now going to get a blasting!


Oh here is the email btw:

----- Original message -----
From: "Xxx Xxxxx" <>
To: "David X" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 16:41:12 +0100
Subject: RE: affiliate & or Media House SPAM - (Dave Australia)

Hi David

I have asked my colleague to double check with their client and remove the email addresses you provided from their list to be honest though, I doubt they will tell us how they got their data, which as you say, points in the direction that they obtained it illegally somehow. As I mentioned before, we do of course not condone such behaviour and we will not pay for such traffic.

I doubt they will tell us how they got their data, which as you say, points in the direction that they obtained it illegally somehow.

No shit Sherlock!

If I didn't subscribe or opt-in then my email addresses WERE OBVIOUSLY obtained without my permission. Sheesh! Which you've now sent my details to a SPAMMER!

Why the hell this account is not closed down, is the EXACT reason why these places NEED to MADE ACCOUNTABLE for this SPAM!

I am going on vacation tomorrow, but I will be back next Wednesday hopefully we can talk about working together then if you are still interested.