When is a 'bug' not a bug?


I posted this in another thread, and after having received a response, I am curious to know what others think. It relates to Rival's "Wild Carnival" slot.

If using the max bet button, when a bead bonus is gained, continuing to play directly afterwards by pressing the max bet button gives an "ACCUMULATION WARNING. Are you sure? Changing your bet will reset your bead bonus" error message.

However using the SPIN button does not result in this problem.

It is possible to continue without losing the bonus by pressing 'cancel' to get rid of the error msg, then pressing SPIN to continue, but if you try to use the max bet button again, you will encounter the Accumulation Warning msg.
The response....
We tested this out, and we can reproduce what you are saying, but this
is intended to warn the user of any changes. It's not a bug that we can

The 'Bet Max' really is only used in the first spin. Once you've 'Bet
Max', you can just continue to press the 'Spin' button. You don't need
to continue to 'Bet Max' unless you change the settings.

When you click 'Bet Max' on the bead bonus, it assumes you're changing
the settings and bet size. So the accumulation warning is displayed.
It's not displayed when you press 'Spin'
My view is that this is very poor programming indeed. If the bet size has not changed, the system should be able to detect this, and the warning should not appear, thus allowing continued use of the 'max bet' button. What it should not be doing is "assuming" a change has been made....it should be checking first.

Also, I often constantly use the Bet Max, or alternate it with the SPIN, if I am playing max bet. I have never encountered this before. Was anyone else aware the 'max bet' had limitations of use?


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It's about par for the course for Rival TBH, you just have to get used to the little, ahem, 'quirks' of the software :)

I see they have at least fixed the help file for Wild Carnival, when the game went live it said the expected payback was 'about 76' :D


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Oh dear!!!
I don't think it's a deal-breaker TBH, Rival do have a good number of unique and really fun slots on their books, and The Back Nine remains a masterpiece IMO, even though they properly fucked with it when the pays went from 'about 99' to 'about 95'.

But yeah, you just have to get used to stuff not quite working properly and/or them saying they'll change things when they don't.

The autoplay options (or lack thereof) have been on the 'Yes we'll fix that' list for years now.

I thought I was the first to flag them up but then KasinoKing linked to a thread from years ago bringing up the exact same things :D