When a bonus is triggered what do you.........


One more spin
When you get free spins what do you think is the most exciting looking bonus.

For me it is Bonanza! the screen darkens the glowing gold/dynamite sparks etc I always get a bit excited when I get the free spins on Bonanza, even the sound when the D drops in and the letters glow.
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I fist pump and say yes!:oops:. Mind you it takes 3454 spins to trigger a bonus it seems.:p

That's what I do. Most exciting bonus hmmm ya bonanza along with diamond mine.


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Guns n roses, get naked and play along to the tune air guitar style. As for visually impressive things on the screen, got me thinking but all my brain goes to is doa piggy or Reel steal etc. Maybe i should try something else


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BTG knows how to make their bonuses look exciting but they rarely excite me because you know they can be so bad.

Pink Elephants is also visually very appealing as are most Thunderkick slots bonuses.

The most exciting bonus for me is probably Captain Venture with the wheel coming up for the amount of spins and the symbols being uncovered instead of being spinned in. And Lucky Lady's Charm has the best music in the bonus!


One more spin
Another one for me not so much visually is Break Da Bank Again guess for the potential as I have had many big wins on it. Sure nice having it on autoplay coming back to the pc and see you have the 3 vaults and agree also with DOA, but visually nothing beats Bonanza for me.


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Yes, there is something mesmerizing about those vault symbols compared to other scatter symbols, and an absolute delight to come back to the pc and find 3 of them waiting for you.
Though soon after they remind you how they are also just as equally bloody annoying , the dun! Sound dropping in 10 times during free spins while the balance stays on the same figure, ending in being the recipient of a congratulations for putting up with that misery.


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Montezuma for me. Nothing can beat the anticipation of the wheel spinning for the selection of number of free spins.


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The most pointless and doom-prophesising triggers are DoA and Rhino. Like Neil Montezuma gives me some sense of anticipation at that possible retrigger of 3 spins at 2x and but I do like the 'DANG-DANG-DANG' of Cleopatra too. I must admit the rare 'THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD' on Bonanza is possibly the best along with the bell ring that follows. I then get a coffee, roll a fag and open the door, savouring the anticipation of a productive 'average bonus' of 100x only to be rapidly anally violated with a rolling pin wrapped in coarse-grain sandpaper and smeared with chilli oil. :mad:

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