What's your favourite MG slot bonus feature?


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Aug 25, 2004
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I would like to hear which MG slot's bonus feature you all rate as the best!

They basically fall into two types, with minor differences from slot to slot:
Free-Spins; Great if you hit a biggie, but has the potential to return ZILCH! :eek2:
Random Picks; At least you are guaranteed to win something - though it could be pathetic.

I know this is a really tough question (it's hard for me to answer myself!), but have a go please guys!

I think my favourite is one of these:-
Harveys - getting the x25 multiplier is just soooo cool!
What on Earth - if you get the 'Contest' bonus.
Witches Wealth - if you get the 'Flying' bonus (bit slow though)
Haloweenies - 13 spins = strange, symbols = strange, wins = often very good!
Free Spins - Yay! 30 free spins at 6x from ISIS will do me fine thanks :D

Free Spins aside, What On Earth's bonus round is good entertainment.
Avalon, Witches, Mad Hatters (can you imagine I actually deposited €50 at Spin Palace and €70 at Trident only to play that slot and that's without bonus!), earlier Halloweenies and Bush Telegraph. That's where I was a little bit more lucky than at other slots...
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The only picking bonus round I like are 'Loaded' and 'Mad Hatters'. But that is because there are no randomness over it and I actually like the choice!

So it is definately the free spin ones I like! And I agree Isis is the best slot
because you can hit some gigantic wins as the screenshots posted here

Also the new trend for the free spins rounds are 'improved reels'.
For 'Moonshine' all the bottles are turned into scatters.
For 'Avalon' and 'Mad Hatters' one of the other symbols are also wild.
I also find this an improvement to the excitment of getting the bonus round.
Thunderstuck was a good slot at the time, but 15 free spins with only *3 multiplier is suddenly not that exciting anymore.

To answer your question I would say 'Isis', but 'Mad Hatters' comming very close.

I can by the way recommend the RTG slot 'Realm of Riches'. In the bonus round wild on any reels will expand the whole reel making it it possible to have all symbols wild. (that would be a good screenshot for the winner thread).

Zoozie said:
I can by the way recommend the RTG slot 'Realm of Riches'.
I love the RTG slot 'Mermaids millions' (or whatever it's called). I once played N/D and even cashed out !:eek: , so I played this slot - there was retriggers endlos during the bonus spins.
ISIS, but it rarerly gets warm....lol

also I didn't know harvey had a 25x multiplier....that's nuts.
Maybe I'm old school now, but I still do like Thunderstruck and play it from time to time. I like the fact that the 15 spins can give a tons of wins. Maybe it's just 'cause I pull off wins each time (it seems).

I know this is MG bonus section, but I DO like the new-ish games over at Wagerlogic - Diamond Cave & Monkey Madness. I just like their cartoonish bonus games :) The new Rags 20line is also nice.

As far as MG, the main one I play now is Cashanova and I really enjoy playing that one. When I want free spins, though, I go back to my old faithful (Thunderstruck).
My favorite is Avalon. I have hit this bonus round almost everytime I have played it in under 20 spins and I love the multiplier. I usually hit the 6x or 7x almost every spin. I never get less than $100 on the bonus round for this game.
I, too, love the Avalon bonus round... but rarely see 3 Lady of the Lake so I don't play it very often anymore.

Also like Halloweenies, (retriggers are ssso sweet! and it also has the pumpkins pick bonus), Mucho Grande and Madhatters. Madhatters and Mucho are the only 'pick' bonuses I like. On the others that let you choose, like Pollenation, Gift Rap and Moonshine, I always seem to get the 'pooper' (nothing) on the first pick.

For old times sake, I still love a good bonus round on Thunderstruck or Ladies Night.

I know you asked about MG, but I play other softwares a lot lately...

Dr. Lovemore (though I played more than 500 spins last night and never got the free spins).

Goldbeard or whatever his name is. One of the original Reel Series slots. Unusual bonus trigger, with extra wilds added in the center reel during the free spins.

Silver Surfer -- it'll love ya or kill ya.

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