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Jul 24, 2002
I cashed out of Vegas USA 2 months ago. I have not had a response to my email. I cannot access them through the casino. And now my emails are just returned. I just figured they were going the same way as Goodfellows, but I have not noticed any comments on the forums. I was kinda expecting a Vortrans warning but have not seen one. What's up with this Microgaming Casino anyway? Did I get ripped off?

And one more thing. For the first month I saw my cashout as being "in progress" on their Cashcheck site. But now there is no mention of it. Only my deposit in April. It is like mention of my withdrawal was erased. Anyone else having problems with VegasUSA?
Another piece of $hit casino.
The list gets longer every day :eek:
There have been numerous reports by players
about this crappy casino. (check the WOL board)

Microgaming should be ashamed and apologetic
for the "fiasco" with Goodfellows and now this
sorry excuse for a casino.

Apparently, they are neither. Microgaming has
really "dropped down" recently, almost to the level previously reached by RTG licensees.

Perhaps King Solomon, English Harbour,and
SunnyGroup had an insiders view of things to
come, and "bailed" at the right time.

MicroGaming really needs to get on the ball
with some of these recent occurrences.

And the E-Cash processor that 90% of the
MicroGaming casino's use, Proccyber, doesn't
help matters any, as Proccyber is about the
most incompetent, and poorly run processor
there is.

MicroGaming... You were once "The Best".
Now, you have sunken to a level of mediocrity
at best, and "crap-o-la" at worst. :uhoh:
Hey Mrractrack!

Lest we not forget, Microgaming yanked Goodfellows liscense.

And the difference between this forum and WOL's is that when negative postings are made here, I normally contact the casino to let them know something's amiss. (unless of course I'm on vacation or comatose or whatever).

Some casino operators fail to browse the boards thus they haven't a clue to the mood of the players. Oh pity the uninformed.


Is Firepay on the up and up? Recently I won some money at as good as gold and thoughy Firepay put the money back into my account(checkingg) Now found out they started taking money back, put some in and then pulled it back out until by bank caught on.Now I really don't have any winnings at all. If you need the private information I can send you a private email to check into this. I was really happy with "as good as gold". The money I paid with palpay I received back ok, but Firepay screwed me out somekind of way and I didn't get anything. :uhoh:
Hello Mr Meister,

Yes, MicroGaming did "86" Goodfellows,
but from what I've been reading on the
forums, no one has received long past due
payouts yet.

MicroGaming, without a doubt, has someone
who reads the postings on the major message
boards (including yours) yet they have chosen
to remain completely silent regarding ANY
complaints about them or their licensee's.

Even RTG has had "someone" post on the WOL
board in an attempt to answer questions about
the multitude of complaints about RTG and
their licensee's, however "lame" these answers
seem to be. (and they ARE lame)

Why can't MicroGaming at least "acknowledge"
the fact that there are some "problems" that
exist with some of their licensee's, and offer
some support for the players involved in these
unresolved disputes, or address these issues?

Doesn't seem very "business like" to "ignore"
these type of problems and complaints, IMO.

Vegas USA has been having assorted "problems"
for months now. Many complaints listed on
numerous forums about them.

Perhaps "pulling the plug" on Vegas USA
would be the best move Microgaming could
make at this point in time.
dear meister

my vegasusa casino account - fvur00076945

i haven't recieved a cash in of about 200$ from march 2001!!!!!

here you have the management phone number:

(817) 3323434

i will appreciate if you help me at this matter since i and my friends even haven't get paid with our purchases

i will appreciate your support

kind regards
Hi Amnon,

Frustrating to say the least. Their support emails bounce and their third party (payouts@diifs.com) is unresponsive. Microgaming is aware of this situation and they have assured me that the casino is working on this. I expect some sort of action within the next day or two.


Do you know what's up with Firepay? Have you checked them out? I'm beginning to see a pattern along forum boards where Firepay is not paying out. They even has withheld money from me which I would really appreciate if you would look into. I think Firepay is getting arrogant because Palpay is going out of business and everyone will come over to their side. But too many complaints have been surfing around lately about the payment tactics of Firepay. I'm putting Firepay in the same catergory as Proc Cyber and you know what everyone has to say about them. Let me hear from you, Meister on this subject or anyone else that's having problems with Firepay. Thanks
Addendum - please include name, account number and amount due in the email. In lieu of personal responses please take this post as acknowledgement that I am receiving your mails and compiling them.
A follow up: I, like Spearmaster, (editor's note: this is why commas are so important, even though I do like him...ha ha) have been assured that the VegasUSA problem is/has been looked into, I was expecting an answer last week....but now it's Monday.

Not good.

Just a quick note that prior to VEGASUSA switching to Microgaming, sometime around July last year, I won quite a bit here,
and after I cashed out, noone replied to my emails for several days, almost as if they were deliberatly ignorning me. Also they didn't answer thier live chat. Anyway, I ended up getting so fed up, I went to network solutions to get the email address of the admin, and this person DID reply immediately, and then contacted management who did EVENTUALLY get back to me. They claimed the whole problem was a site upgrade. Also, Alan Fletcher personally contacted me TWICE to apologize.

Having said that, I bought thier excuses, at the time. I've dealt with VEGASUSA for a couple of year prior to that and got nothing but good service and fast cashouts.

I have a strange feeling the well has run dry there. This is too bad. When they did switch to MGS, they ran one of the best promotions on the internet. $100 match bonus with only 2x play to get bonus and 3x to cashout. How they could manage to stay in business offering a deal that good is beyond me. After May 2002 those terms disappeared.
This in this morning's inbox...from their ecash provider:

Regarding client # fvur0007694, I have paid this account in full, Aug 02-02, confirmation # xxxx.

I am sorry you had to endure the many difficulties as a result of the imposed changes undergone by VegasUSA.

***end of message

Resolution, but way too exasperating.

Sorry...I hit the button twice...

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I had a cash out from VegasUSA from the middle of June that hadn't been paid. I sent an email to payouts@diifs.com as instructed on the website. They didn't respond immediately so I was a little worried that it was just a stall technique.

They did respond and apologized for not responding immediately. Apparently they are getting a lot of duplicate (sometimes 4 or 5)emails from players and it is slowing down their response time because they have to sort through who has been helped and who hasn't been helped.

They refunded my cashout to my Paypal account.

Vegas USA is now using a different company to handle all of their customer support and cashouts. Proc Cyber is the one doing all the cashouts. I know that some have problems with them but I never have. I have always been paid by the Micro casinos that use Proc.

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