whats this and how do i get it off my computer?

Just click "Ok", and it'll go away! :lolup:

But seriously :D

I'd have to look into it further (long day, tired), but maybe TIV can elaborate more in the meantime..
go to start - accessories- system restore
put on the calendar the earlyer date (yesterday or the day before) and ok.....wait untill is done,...and you should be okay.
A call to TIV is prolly the best alternative than.....:confused:
or one more thing u could do.
After you uninstall the casino go to start -search-type in thisisvegas casino and delete all the files that are still saved by the computer, than reinstall.
thought it was just me

few nights ago i got that then after that puter fully crashed only option i had
was to reformat all of the hardrive, prob with that is all my casinos left me private info, plugins and so on, now when i log into my casinos its a dif ip even though im with cable and now im locked out of a few trying to resolve it but to no avail so if you can any info you have thats not in email section copy first, good luck
I have forwarded this on to tech department but there is a chance this could be a common issue. If you go to livechat most of the time they can help so try them. In the meantime I have let tech know about this thread so they should get back to me soon.

In the meantime I would try uninstalling and reinstalling as one option.

If anybody gets locked because of a different IP just go to livechat and they can help. Not to say that I can't but truth is they deal with security as well and they know how to handle these things better than I do.

I think had this problem when upgrading some other Rival casinos. What worked for me was just deleting the folder where the casino was installed and downloading it again.
I think had this problem when upgrading some other Rival casinos. What worked for me was just deleting the folder where the casino was installed and downloading it again.
yep it had been working fine for me also till yesterday when the new layout and new game downloaded, im gonna try to reach chat or tele them , has anyone got the toll- free number at hand ,as that thing is like pulling teeth lol, just to get it to exit i have to keep hitting the o.k button at the same time trying to beat it to the exit button, its almost kinda funny to watch as im cussing up a storm, something i seldom do:D
Hey Laurie, if CS give you a solution that works, let us know. The only Rivals I have installed are Paradise8 and DaVinci's and may run into the problem when they upgrade, too.
If Rival casinos share files in a common folder, then the new version may be conflicting with some of the files from other casinos that haven't upgraded yet. Try uninstalling and reinstalling to a totally different directory than the default that is suggested. It should ask you somewhere during the install as to where you want it put; just change the directory from there...

Worst case scenario is that you've downloaded a corrupt copy...


If you're using IE and the casino download is still in your cache, simply re-downloading it won't actually download the casino. What IE will do is see if the download is in your cache and simply copy it from there instead of actually downloading the file again.

A simple fix for that would be to

1: uninstall the casino
2: clear your browser cache
3: redownload the casino
4: install the casino again
Remove the program and reinstall and it should be fine, heres the steps for uninstall and clean registry.

1. Use the uninstall shortcut for the program software. "This Is Vegas uninstall"

2. uninstall the program.

Process: Press start - Press control panel - Press Add and remove programs - Find This Is Vegas file and delete file. If it is not there it is already gone from the control panel!

3. Check (C) - drive - See if This Is Vegas program file is still in the (c) - drive after uninstalling file.
This can happen

Process: Press start - Press my computer - Press (c) drive - Press programs and then find This Is Vegas file and delete file.

Two Notes:
a.) If the This Is Vegas file is not in the (c) - drive the uninstall worked and you will not find a file to be removed, why? It is already gone! But in some cases when uninstalling files Especially some casinos it will leave the file in the (c) - drive that is why you should do this process just to check!

b.) When pressing (c) drive if it gives you a warning still open the file this will not affect nothing it is just a precautionary message.

4. Clean Registry.

Process: Press start - Press run - RUN BOX WILL OPEN - Type, REGEDIT in the box and press OK - Registry editor page will open - Press F3 on your keyboard and FIND BOX WILL OPEN - First put a check mark in all three boxes on the left, Keys - Values - Data. Then type This Is Vegas in the Find what box and press FIND NEXT. The registry will start searching for the file. After search stops the keyword/ keywords files being searched will High Light, Click on file and delete the file.

Repeat this process several times removing and deleting files and it will remove the remnants left behind in your registry from the program file. Which is what causes problems like the one you are referring too to happen.

Important Note: You can use different keywords to find remnants of casino programs.

Example: The name of the casino, This is Vegas or Rival gaming or Rival casino ect, and each search will find different remnants left behind for the software.

You can use this when referring to other casino software as well, hope this helps!

Very Important: If you are in doubt dont take it out. Registry items make programs run properly on your computer. If you are not sure you can do this process get someone who can.
Useful information, but I seriously doubt that in this case there's a problem with registry entries....it seems like a file mismatch problem to me..
meantime there is no way I can make a deposit to any of the Rival Ive installed.........they have a cashier problem........:confused:

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