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Apr 24, 2005

First thing,

This site is my favorite site that deals with all facets of online (and offline) gambling. I came to this site years ago, because I wasn't so sure if all the casinos I had been going to, were going to pay me had I won. I had always guessed that PlayTech was the best stuff, and actually didn't like the MG software (or the BJ... and still don't 8-years later). Couldn't have been more wrong, and I generally only deposit at MG casinos these days (although I've been to almost every PlayTech, and large handful of RTGs, Boss Medias, uggghhh G-Feds, Rivals, Proprieties, Cryptos, and a wide-assortment of others). I think I first came across Casinomeister.com in an issue of GOM back in the day, but that might not necessarily be accurate.

I will still keep coming here, even if I don't use the "johnsteed" handle, and just troll (and not as "DarthVader" or as "Crackpotbaby" which isn't a handle named for reasons you may believe, rather that it's one of my favorite tunes by L7, even if members of L7 are at times, less than people).

There was a warning in a prior thread, to let it go, but I can't. I won't say more after this post about the subject (or target) at hand. I love Bryan for all the work that he does, his webcasts, his articles, and for creating this site. I'm a fan of Bryan, because he's balanced, and he's VERY ultra-fair, and he's a great guy. It baffles me when someone says different. We're all lucky to have this site, and it's our privilege to have a site that's here to help not only the forum members, but industry as well (and whatever is left in the middle of the two).

And I'm really sorry, because I have to say what I have to say.


While it would appear that I've gone off the deep end, those who will question my motives haven't a clue as to what my problem is.

If you've read my posts/threads in years past, I don't go around attacking people. I don't have a reputation for doing that, and if I threw that down the drain over the past few days, so be it. But... I have several hundreds of posts prior to my most recent ones, and I can't recall of one incident where I went after someone. Well, that's not completely true. My first test in the waters, I thought I was defending a post I had made against Slotmachine, and we never did agree in that thread except that we agreed to disagree, but I'd like to think that we got past our differences. I had a brief spat with KasinoKing, but again, the air was cleared very quickly, and I've ALWAYS respected KasinoKing (who I would target as being the first forum member that I wanted to make an impression on).

I've also had a few members take veiled shots at me (and some, not-so-veiled), but I let it go, and I didn't and don't hold a grudge against them. I know I've received a heavy-load of kudos over the years here, and have been encouraged to always come back and keep posting (even if I take-up too much cyberspace with my elongated posts in the process). For the most part, I've avoided any sort of real heated confrontation on this particular (or any) message board.

At the same time, I also regret not speaking up more in years past. I think I took to the generally positive image a bit too much, and probably did my best not to tarnish people's perceptions, so I didn't go out on a limb very often. If I ever delivered an important (personal) message that was against the grain, I probably didn't name names, or single-out any particular person.

I recall being a new member here, and being quite reluctant to post. There were ongoing forum fights that existed when I first came to the site, which were most definitely exciting, and I was merely a sideline spectator. After a while, I wanted to be a contributor, but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. I never wanted to get in that kind of mess, and I could see how others would lock-horns, but I was sharp about avoiding any such mess. Also, once I started posting, I felt quite addicted to the whole writing thing, and I had tons of fun doing it just by the sheer process of it all. The rest is history.


People have asked over the past two years, what happened to "johnsteed". I stopped posting here (I never stopped coming here to read though), for an assortment of reasons. The 3 equally important reasons that I can recall were:

a) I didn't want to get in the habit of repeating myself, because the process of writing can become mundane, and without any strong enough ideas and the motivation behind it all, the content will suck. I have tons to write about now (not just going after someone), so I feel that it's okay to start posting more regularly again.

b) I let someone very important here down. I got caught-up doing the wrong thing, that I had tried to practice not doing, and I was ashamed to come back here while not setting things straight. I broke an important promise. I screwed-up royally. This person had my back though, never came down on me when he/she could have, and that always meant a lot to me (even if I wasn't doing well).

c) Let's just call it exhibit "F". I can write a book - check that - books and very large ones at that of what's wrong with how this person goes about their business. These points are so important to me, that I'm willing and going to lose my own personal credibility (if there WAS any to begin with), in order to get these things off of my chest. "F" is precisely the type of person that makes my world sour. "F" gets thanked for highlighting people's posts, repeating what they just said, and translated into "F's" own words, but people aren't the wiser for seeing this performance . "F" will join and fight the battles, on the backs of other members, when it's clear that the battle has already been won, and suddenly be in command of the whole operation - although truly the whole thing is less than meets the eye.

It's like for someone who is continuously waiting to exploit a grotesque market inefficiency. This person gets the accolades, but for what? They really didn't do the work. When the dust has settled, and you revisit those threads now, without the rose-tinted sunglasses of it being immediate, what was all of that about exactly? What was actually accomplished? Nothing more than a spin doctor if you ask me!

"If you don't mind, can we get back on topic."

This is another beautifully pulled-off manner of side-stepping what you created. Amidst all of the frenzy that you truly started, it's time to exit stage left.

Exhibit "F" is the "super-sized Michael Jordan to the power of 100" of getting off topic. If there's turmoil at the site, you're literally always at the center of it! Even if it wasn't your problem to begin with, nothing to do with you, even if the topic isn't in your wheel-house, you think of yourself as the peace-keeper, the mediator, whatever, which couldn't be further than the truth. You're like that person who's watching a fight, and the two are just arguing, and you push one of them from behind, and all hell breaks lose, and you blend back in with the crowd, then 20 minutes later, after everyone is weakened, you come down from your throne, and tell everyone, "Please, everyone, we need to grow-up. Let's stop all of this fighting and get back on topic."

Thanked Posts

If I'm petty for taking note about who is "Thanked" where and when, and what motivated them to do so, I'll accept that. In a way, Rusty is quite right. I like Rusty, and I'm not playing coy on this one. I guess I am making an issue about it, because the whole experience has limitless meanings, of how it can be interpreted. I can only speak for myself, that just yesterday, I thanked people "privately" for seeing my point, or for NASH's line in another thread, to which I thanked him because I did so out of spite (not directed at him though).

Am I really the only one who does these sort of things? Perhaps. Do I feel certain people do it in mob-fashion? Absolutely. I would most surely be a hypocrite for saying that the "Thanked" post isn't a great tool to have at a forum. It's a great motivator to get people to post, and to feel that what they've posted touched someone in some way.

If I had my own website, I would most certainly have this tool as an option for my members.

But, there's the other side...

There have been times where I have been thanked, and there are times where I'm questioning the motivation of the person who thanked me, because it's very well placed and timed and is seemingly used as a method to distance and separate myself from another member. That is, being thrusted into a position I never wanted to be in.

There is the "F" effect that doesn't sit well with me too. It's clearly used as a method to steer people in. To new posters who have very little reputation built-up, who want to feel some form of validation, they would most surely welcome being thanked for their work. Exhibit "F" picks the new kitten from the litter, or even a "vet", goes to work on them by drowning them with the thank you button (I know because I was one of the beneficiaries just like a list of others before, and certain parties are today), and there, an alliance is formed.

To say about how one doesn't even notice what I'm talking about, I say I'm going to have to strap you to a lie-detector. It's in clear view. It's been going on for years. It's exploiting someone and something, and using it as a weapon for which it was never intended for. All the time, no. It's also equally valuable.


To quote VADER, "all too easy..." This has more holes in it than a LITE-BRITE toy.

Sorry, but if you spin a slot 10 times and lose, and feel the need to come here and whine about it.....I hardly think I'm the one with the problem. And it would be a post like that, which would "dilute" the effectiveness of the forum. I can see a newbie coming here, starting a thread entitled "Inetbet are Crooks", and making a post saying they deposited $10, took ten $1 spins and lost....and then crying rigged. Yeah, very effective and oh so fair to the casino...right?

Sorry, but if people don't agree with you 10 out of 10 times, you feel the need to use your potty mouth and complain about it... I think someone is a problem and that's you. And it's your work, posturing, behind the scenes working-after-dark, that will always dilute the effectiveness of this forum. I can see you when the most pivotal people who work and post at this site don't always align with your stances or ahem... agendas, you then decide to start a thread in a different area of cyberspace, and attempt to crush the reputation of those very people (and I'm not talking about me here). You then cry foul play. Yeah, very effective and oh so fair to the forum that takes you in and let's you do your thing... right?

Catch m'drift?

Wouldn't it be alot easier for all you bitter people who hate me so much to start a Social Group? You can call it whatever you like......Evil Bitch turtle-at-the-right-time-and-play-victim (edit out millions upon millions of pages of other potty-mouth adjectives one can easily use here) Pinababy Haters Club. Feel free, knock yourselves out.

As opposed to the MANY mobs you've created over time? With "book-burnings", pouncing on the weak, guiding others with pitchforks and baseball bats at hand (another baseball reference... huh), calling-out newbies who are guilty until proven innocent by your questionable standards. And does that club you mentioned above exist? I would find that type of a club to be very uplifting, and very soothing.


I teach middle-school students. They are, by and large, the most difficult age group to deal with in my opinion. These days, students completely abuse the luxuries that they have, such as hand-phones, pagers, instant messenger, forums, profile sites, message boards, ect. Most classes, have that one leader who's stronger than everyone else. It doesn't just mean physically imposing, because more often than not the person can be merely (well... not just merely) mentally dominant. Each year, students who were once elementary students, decide to form alliances that hadn't existed before, and pick-out the weak links and discard those people. Maybe one of the discarded members or just simple "outcasts" defined as "losers" isn't necessarily weak, rather that the strongest voice of the mob, has it in for that person. They do what's needed to be done to discredit that old friend, to keep their position that they're very comfortable with.

Personally, I see it happening every year, and it really bothers me. Some really smart students who I also think are really good people, would much rather be sheep than stand up to the bully. It's a much safer road to ally oneself with the right person, as to not lose any sleep at night thinking about being on the outs with the sheer numbers. Even parents know about these things, and just sum in up to them "being that age." Really, adults don't do the same thing?

Those outcasts are called weak, but I argue with those that laugh at the weak, should take a hard look at themselves, and think about if those discarded people are truly the weak ones. The group-think don't generally take a position alone, as to not step on toes... especially the leader's toes. The group feel that strength comes in sheer numbers. But, as far as I can see, the weaker ones generally speak their mind, think differently, and are really the stronger ones because they can do it by themselves. They survived despite being picked-on.

That's the world that we live in though. We dare not question things that are wrong, because if we do that, we're outcast. If that makes me an outcast, I welcome being called just that.

That's just my $4,294,967,295 and 2 cents.


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Jun 30, 1998
:confused: I have no idea what that was all about, and it seems rather out of character JS. I'm really not sure what the purpose of this is.

If this was a vent, I hope that this is the last time I see one that is pointed at another member. If members have issues with one another, I feel that it's best that these things are addressed privately, not in an open forum.

Sometimes we don't come across 100% the way we think we're coming across since we are merely writing and posting our messages. Many of us are unschooled in this by the way. I'm one of the lucky ones since writing is my business - but even I <gasp> make mistakes :p

It's easy to misconstrue ideas or comments of our fellow members since we don't have the aural and visual clues to really understand each another. To base one's perceptions only on what people post in message boards is wrong.

I'm closing this thread with the understanding that this sort of venting will be done elsewhere. Thank you.
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