What's the most someone has ever made from free money?

I took a deposit 50, 200% bonus to over 4000. Real up and down rollercoaster before hitting a really nice win at around the 1200 mark and deciding to call it a day.

I more often than not lose the lot like you're supposed to :D
Had a no-deposit of $16 from casino kingdom,rolled it up to $1100 but dropped it to $500 and cashed out. Still,that was wonderful.
My girlfriend signed up for her first ever online experience at VirginGames, deposited 50 for their match offer, and on her 2nd ever spin of the reels hit 2600 on PriceIsRight. That was last Autumn and she's returned most of the money to the origional owner by now :rolleyes:

My best is a measly 158 :eek:
Bonus wins


On a no deposit bonus I had cash in $500 from a $20 free bonus. I did have to deposit $20 to allow the processing. From an e-mail from CS:

"Thank you for emailing The Gaming Club Online Casino.

We are happy to inform you that you have met the wagering requirements, as per the terms and conditions of the sign-on bonus you were awarded. According to our records you have wagered an amount of $5211.50, to date. However, you have not met the purchasing requirements and therefore you will not be able to make a withdraw yet. Once a deposit of at least $20 has been received into your account, you may then request a withdrawal. To make a deposit into your account, you may;"

On a match bonus $100/$100 I cashed out from Kiss Casino $700 but took weeks to get. I had another match > $1,000 but don't recall the casino.

However I have moved to poker rooms since then, except fo a few casinos that are worth my play, (few and far between these days)

I cashed out $3,500 from an unexpected $140 bonus at one MG in December :)

I also remember when i first started out about 8 months ago and took a $15 no-deposit bonus at another MG i hit 5 Ice Hammers with a Thor in the free-spins on T'struck and made it up to $800. But played it back thru so that doesnt really count i guess.
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Last year at Twin Aces, I blew a $150 deposit in about 20 minutes, was mad as hell, so decided to uninstall. of course I had to cash in the lousy $1 in comp points I had earned first. I played a hand of BJ, brought it up to $2, played 2 more hands, brought it up to $10. After getting some mid sized wins at 10 cent VP and slots, I was up to $100 an hour or so later. Anyways, to make a long story short, 2 days later I made a cash in for $5,000!!! No huge wins....just alot of luck and some very forgiving Playtech BJ :)

Sad part of the story? I thought there was no way in the world they would let me cash in 5 grand on a one dollar comp...even though I couldn't find anything on their terms to state otherwise....so I reversed the next day, and, well....I don't have to tell you the rest......

It was fun though! And I guess Twin Aces still feels sorry for me because about every other month they give me a free $25 in my account....
All Jackpots

I decided to try All jackpots casino and the new player sign up bonus buy $50 get $200. (with a 20x wager before cashout)
Got it up to $1,800. Playing slots only. Then by the time I met the playthrough requirements I requested a $750.00 cash out. :D
:thumbsup: I was able to cashin $750.00USD from a $20.00 no deposit bonus at Colleseum Casino. That was a few years ago but it kept me loyal to them. ;)
System play

I started an InterCasino account with a $500 deposit at the beginning of the year.
Since then I have been ever patiently playing my own little approach, mostly on weekends. I recently had the initial $500 withdrawn back to my credit card. There is still $3900 left which I consider "the casino's money".

Admittedly, not all of that was gained by my particular gambling style. There was the $90 match on my initial deposit; I've received a $100 "Where's Ryanh" bonus much to my surprise; and recently Ryanh came around throwing $50 at everybody to make up for a whole Saturday of InterCasino inaccessibility. Moreover, I was tempted recently to deviate from my one true love, roulette, and go for the massive progressive jackpot at the Millionaire's club slots. Even though I was determined never to stoop so low as those lame and stupid slots. I guess it must have been a quirk that netted me another $100 there.

Still, I figure I made $3500 purely with my roulette play, which is suspiciously much. I'm starting to wonder whether there is some flaw in InterCasino's RNG that actually works in favor of my little roulette scheme. Anyway I've never attempted to cash out beyond my own deposit, so all of this gain is just theory.
I turned $10 into $400 in about five minutes at Magic Box casino a while back. I know I've done some other amazing stuff - but I can't remember what it was....
Monaco Gold Casino - 200 ($400) deposit into 1600 ($3200) cashout. That was one Royal Flush playing JoB at 0.50/coin, plus some other reasonable wins including pat Full House playing 4 line JoB at 2/coin.

Lucky Emperor - 100 deposit into 1077 cashout. That was almost entirely from pat 4 aces playing 4-line Aces and Faces.

Got both of those last week. It's been a fun week.
i turned a no deposit bonus of 10$ from casino rewards to 980$ profit, after meeting ungodly wagering requirement from golden tiger's (somthing over 10k+ i recall)

shortly after than i was called a promotional abuser and banned from casino rewards, my first ban ever :D
On St. Pat's day I took advantage of River Belle's 'come back' bonus. Deposit $50 get $200. I have withdrawn as of today $2000. It has been a very fun few days. I won $800 on DDB VP, $400 on A&F's (4 aces on both) and some good slot wins. Very very fun....best run I've had in a very long time.
vegas Slor

my friend opened an account at vegas slots with 100$ he won 14000$ at first hand we played he got 4 of a kind at cyberstudpoker

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