What's the deal with Live Chat these days?


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Mar 10, 2005
Not naming the casino, as it's irrelevant. With the job market in the condition it's in today, you would think that people would be trying their best the KEEP the job they have, instead of doing stupid sh*t like this:


FTR, There are various casino/poker rooms that accept instant e-checks for Americans, and I know it says it's not available at this particular casino, but I wanted to see if it would be in the near future.

The following is a record of your online chat.

General Info
Chat start time Apr 26, 2009 3:09:05 AM EST
Chat end time Apr 26, 2009 3:18:20 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:09:14
Operator Rick

Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with 'Rick'
Rick: Welcome to the Casino Support Desk. How can I help you?
Brian: Hello, I was wondering when/if e-check deposits would be available for Americans..
Rick: Hi Brian,
Rick: One moment please
Brian: ok
Rick: Brian e-check is actually available to players and may take up to 4-7 working days should you wish to withdraw using this account,
Brian: no, I mean for deposits
Rick: My apologies for the delay,.
Rick: Yes you may use this to deposit,
Brian: when I clicked on e-checks for depositing, it said that it wasn't available for my country.
Brian: Electronic Check is currently not available for your country and gaming account currency combination. Please contact our customer support desk should you wish to query this. uhhhh, I told you I was from america in the very beginning...but you still told me that it was available to me...:rolleyes:
Brian: is the error I get
Rick: One moment while I check my records please.
Brian: ok
Rick: Brian this is due to the New Unites states Legislation, the Banking processors has been set to prohibit players from online Gaming,Uh....I told you this in the very beginning
Brian: lol, tell me something I didn't know, but us Americans can still deposit and gamble :)
Rick: I do apologize for the inconveniences,
Brian: but I told you in the beginning that I was from America...you could have simply told me that e-checks aren't allowed for americans
Brian: instead of taking 5+ minutes to send me a canned response
Brian: thanks
Rick: However you may use a Use My Wallet Account as well as Quick Tender

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Nov 1, 2005
You didn't know that online casinos' Live Chat is used by schools and universities to teach English-As-A-Second-Language students? :D

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