whats the deal with 'break da bank again'?


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Feb 17, 2010
napa, ca
Ok I am a sucker. I notice a lot of people play this game..When asked what your favorite mg games are this one came up alot...
I have tried and tried and tried...It seems you don't hit anything to keep you going and when I did hit the 3 safes I landed up with a whopping 5.00 one time and 2.80 another time..Am I missing something that it is such a favorite among players...I will usually deposit at least 50.00 into it and play at .90 a spin...Maybe you need to put in 500.00 and hope for the big one!!!!!!!:eek:


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Oct 11, 2006
I used to call it break da bankroll again.


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Dec 2, 2008
O Canada!
i love bdb but it can be tough

its very high variance so nice hits are possible if betting low. 90c/spin is too high to start with only 50$ imo. i'd start betting 36-45c (or even less if you can handle it - i dont :oops: ) often if i get a crappy bonus and continue playing, i get another one soon that plays more, but that not a rule. - this game can suck money very fast - so low rolling is a key.
Also, sometime if it does not pay, i leave and come back in a few minutes - you may get a better steak. i know its all ramdom ;) but that my experience anyway.


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Jun 19, 2009
BDBA in my opinion is a dabbler slot. Meaning never just go for it everytime and all the time, just test it once in awhile and one day you will hit it when it's playing hot, then you can see a nice run on it, but don't tary to long, it can turn ugly fast as well.

It's high variance like the classic slots Couch Potato and Jungle 7's, I had played for hours and days on end at 25 cent spins and never seen any wins over the bottom two win choices of the cherry or the mixed bars. This seems rather odd to me when you think of how many combinations of the multiplier tv/s or coin/s possibilities there are, but never see them come into play, it's just not normal.

As Slotplayer called and called it right, more often than not, it's Break the Bankroll Again and again..............

But then again, since it is a US facing MG I am thinking that things have changed in the backend as well and payouts just aren't the same as they were before the split.