What's the big deal with all this?


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Dec 2, 2004
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Recently I've been noticing an increasing trend where casinos bid to buy all different kinds of things. Some even bid for stale bread and those sorts of things. What do you guys think about casinos buying stuff on ebay and publicizing it? I wonder why some casinos choose to buy these insignicant items on ebay, and the whole world makes a big deal out of it? Why don't they buy something of substance for crying out loud?
Real simple Jesse, we can no longer advertise gambling in the media. So when a casino does something like buys something strange or makes a donation. It than becomes a news story and it is all right for the casino to (non Advertise) in the media.
It's called publicity, and publicity is virtually free as a opposed to advertising - which costs some casino groups up to $200,000 per month.

Virtualted makes a good point - online casinos are having a difficult time purchasing advertising in the states. Golden Palace found their niche with the streaker and stupid ebay purchases. Casino Fortune is trying to do the same with their lame PR.
** This is pushing free advertising to the limits! BUT we are suckers for the stuff, so when one of our acquinted online groups pulls a stunt like this, they manage to get the tongues wagging, and of course, give the impression that they are 'loaded' and there is 'nothing to fear' with regards to getting your money back. I absolutely love reading about this rubish myself, if only to shake my head and say "What's next". *grin* **

PS: IT MAY be that they are 'investing' in this in case some time/where down the line they will need cash, and have something to sell!! :lolup:

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