What's so great about Viper software? (Royal Plaza, Fortune Room, etc.)


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Feb 18, 2003
Bryan has posted several glowing mentions to MG's newer Viper software, but I think it's just terrible. You can't purchase with Neteller from the bank (it takes you back to the web site, displacing whatever was in your browser window), you can't change any options that I can tell (such as speed or coin denomination), and the VP graphics are just awful! I get eye strain trying to see if the white payoff lights are a little brighter, telling me I have a winning hand. And game speed is pretty slow, which is why not being able to make adjustments (as with normal MG) is so annoying. What am I missing?

Hi KPthomas,

I haven't had a problem purchasing with Neteller at all. It goes through the same process as the older Microgaming software as far as I can tell. As for changing speed etc., check the options section and there are several options to chose from for speed etc. Coin denomination? I think that not all of the games have been fully transferred over to this version yet. I've notice this in some of the slots.

Give it some time and poke around a bit. Some of the complaints that I personally had were squelched once I found the solutions via game options, etc.
Actually, I'm getting a little confused here. There seems to be two versions of Viper software. There is the "Odin" version which is exclusive to the Fortune lounge group, and the "Viper" which Lucky Nugget is using.

Odin has the following features:
Progressive tickers in the "lobby"
Saves the last 5 games played to a "favorites" folder

The similarities with Viper:
Auto play
basic strategy and
expert mode

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