What's In A Name?


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May 29, 2004
Something that struck me reading the CM BBS is the names that casino's use. I mean, i'm sure a lot of them are thought out and planned carefully, but in an industry where the good operators can so easily be tarnishd, i'm surprised that so many follow the "Vegas" tradition of using "themed" names. I'm sure that works well for a land casino in Vegas but i also feel that (and i've not been to Vegas so i can't be sure) if you are in Vegas and relatively new to gambling, you wouldn't search out a name you knew. You'd more often just go into the nearest one that "looked good" or popular...yes?

More often than not, when you are searching for a casino online, you'll be picking from a list of names right? So why do some online casinos give themselves names that just sound so dodgy? They may be fine operators - but if i were new to this and i saw Shark Casino or Grand Hotel, which one are you going to choose? The one that inspires familiarity or oozes class right?

Opinions on operations aside, i think personally "Windows Casino" is much more cleverly named for a new audience than say "Lucky Nugget".

Then of course there's the "brand" names like Will Hill etc who have a distinct advantage. I'm sure many of the casinos have Land based counterparts that holds the same sway in the US.

Anyway...my point is, I'm sure (for US citizens in particular) familiarity with the Vegas/Atlantic City traditions and conventions means this works in reverse but for an "online" audience, wouldn't names like "Royal London" or "Queens Club" be more likely to get the new players from a list of options?

If you were opening a new casino, how would you go about naming it?
Personally, I like theme based casinos... Online and land. I agree "shark" casino doesn't inspire me to deposit cash with a name like that. But I would say the name of the casino on a whole really doesn't make that much of a difference when compaired to the amount of money that a casino will spend to 'promote' it's self. For example Golden Palace spends a ton of cash in promotion. Nothing special with there name, it's pretty blah.....

I would think theme based casinos would be easier to market as well. Just my 2 cents worth.
I guess people who chose Shark Casino as their name haven't taken any lessons in public image. It just sounds bad for anyone to hear it first time. I have to agree that it doesn't inspire people to deposit money there.
Interesting about the themed aspect. personally, themed casinos do little for me although, i must admit, when i was compiling the reviews for the site, i took a liking to Casino Kingdom's GUI. Of all the themed ones, this was my fave.

I think there may be a differnce between perception over here as we have the benefit of "brand name" casinos. I wouldn't mind betting most first-time UK players will pick Ladbrokes, Will Hill or Littlewoods over any others.
Themed for newbees

As a newbee I look for the 'themed' casinos first of all. But I can visit a 'non themed' one as well just because I like its design or its bonus. As for the 'trade mark' ones, I think, they may have a priority in those regions, where they have their landbased casinos.
casinomeister said:
Names are extremely important when it comes to naming ... your first born, etc.

Indeed - my first born is called William Lucky Palace. Should stand him in good stead for the future I hope. His sisters Phoebe Phoenician and Isobella Instacash are very proud ;)
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Simmo! said:
Indeed - my first born is called William Lucky Palace. Should stand him in good stead for the future I hope. His sisters Phoebe Phoenician and Isobella Instacash are very proud ;)

Ha ha, I can't really tell if this is funny, silly or stupid!

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