What's In a Name?


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Apr 28, 2006
Long Island NY
Hey all! I have only been a member since April so I don't know if this has already been discussed. I find the forum members names (handles so to speak) very interesting. So, I would like to know what does your screen name mean? Obviously, some are self explanatory such as mine. Others I can't figure out. As for me. I love Atlantic City and my favorite casino is Ballys. How about yours?
I am like you...very obvious. I am a VIP at the Venetian in Las Vegas and LOVE LOVE it. I am gad you started this thread, I to am interested why people call themselves what they do.
I use my wife's nickname which was derived from her surname ie CHU. I have never gone to Vegas before although I have been to Macau and many of the gambling cruise ships located in Hong Kong. When I retire I will definitely pay Vegas a visit.
"They're real.......and they're spectacular!"

What - yellow, lined and a little fuzzy LOL? Just kidding you, Tennis!
They're real.......and they're spectacular!

Ha ha! Seinfeld fan here too. :thumbsup:

Mine's pretty much a given - Casinomeister - that's me. :D

But in the Prima Network I'm known as beetleB. I spent 11 years in the army, and most everyone - including some of my commanders called me "Beetle" (ref. Beetle Bailey).
My nickname from the soccer pitch...

"Oi Simmo you tw*t - why didn't you pass it?". Stuff like that.
I got my dog when I was in Spain quite a while back. In Spain Peralis is quite a common surname and we found that most police officers were named that as well. So we thought it would be funny to name the dog "Kapitan Peralis" so that when we were walking him and we saw a police officer, we shouted Kapitan Peralis out very loudly. Most of the time, the police officer would look and ask what he could do for us and we would ignore him and run towards the dog.

Yes... we were young :D
Just a thought... This is an intersting thread for someone who wants to learn some really private info of the members of the forum that may use the same usernames in casinos... And someone with imagination could also guess some passwords of some members... Just a thought.... :what:
in a hurry, fell down, bier

i joined this very nice forum in a frenzy of self-expression
i don't actually remember how I chose this name
I was listening to Vortran tell me about a VERY BAD CASINO
while putting on my sox and my friend Bob was there so now
im stuck with it
Life long fan of the (US) football team, the Green Bay Packers........who shamed us all with a horrific performance on Monday night. But loyal fan that I am, I'm keeping my name (for now, at least) :machinegu
What's in a name

A good friend and I were at a work seminar / conference together and he had to type in our first names. He incorrectly typed my name as "Darem" and it came up on the big screen at the conference and just stuck as a nickname from then on. I had to add the 1 to have 6 characters. And the picture? I just went from being one type of princess to another! I prefer fairy tales to this real, ugly world we live in. :)
My son used this name and I couldnt think of anything so I used ti myself. :)

Acckkk!! Don't you know it's against Bryan's T&C for a person from more than one household to be a member of this site?? :what: :mad:

And, Simmo? I'll get back to ya after a few mixed drinks one night. ;) :cool:
Mine came from one of favorite past times, camping - I married a man who preferred hotel rooms to tents so if I wanted to teach my son what my father had taught me camping, I would have to do it myself. And I did. Ive taken out all my preschool mom buddies camping, most had never been before..we always brought the little ones with us, I taught them all how to chop wood, build a fire, pitch a tent, hook worms and clean fish.(age appropriate of course!) One little girl refused to touch anything yucky, she put her hands on her hips and said "Im just a frufrugirl, I only do GIRL things!". The moms all started calling me frufrugirl whenever they wanted me to do a yucky thing and it just stuck.

and the hotel man eventually had to get a hotel to live in!!
Acckkk!! Don't you know it's against Bryan's T&C for a person from more than one household to be a member of this site?? :what: :mad:

Naaa hes not on this site, he just used liquidsoap for his screen name on aol. And I couldnt think of anything and thought it was quite origanal so used it. Besides hes to young to be on this site :thumbsup: .

How he came about getting liquidsoap I dont know. :)
Thanks everyone for your responses! Liquidsoap, I have to say yours was one name I was really wondering about. I would also like to know what Zoozie means...

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