What would you like to see on Money Train 3


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Sep 13, 2021
I did jump across to several games, that took some bits and pieces from Money Train 2 into their games... some of them are pretty good stuff...

So I am just wondering, what will be great to see in Money Train 3 (if they going to make it)?

- To me, I'd like to see some better base game entertainment, buying some kind of Persistent symbols(instead of bonus buys) or better, having them to land in a base game and collect them, or save them for the bonus game.
- I'd also welcome a few more paying symbols as well in bonus game.. and having them getting in some groups to collaborate on each other as mayor bonus hit that will give some bigger multis.

*...never know, maybe they will read it and take some notes into consideration, what people would like :)


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Jan 8, 2019
Maybe a super bonus, achievable from the base game of course, like the better video slots out there, with a guaranteed persistent modifier maybe.

Relax Gaming are one of the most innovative and creative game developers out there. I'm sure it will be an interesting follow-up.