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Dec 25, 2004
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I made a deposit at a MG casino in Nov and had a nice win. I played some more in Dec and won some more. all together over 10,000. I then went to cash the whole balance out.

This is one of those MG casinos that jerks you around when you cash out, so we went through them putting the money back in my account several times, and eventually I received the whole payment on Jan 3.

About Jan 10 I log into the account and see the entire balance still there. (over 10,000). I double check at Neteller and see that I really did receive it on Jan 3. What would you do?

I went to the casino mail, and emailed them saying the money had been paid to me already, and that I hoped they would take this into consideration the next time they were going to jerk me around over a cash out.

I logged into the casino today... and the money is still there.

Now what do you do?
Very interesting situation.

I feel like you should wait untill the casino responds before doing anything with the cash. I mean you don't want to lose it gambling and then have the casino hit your bank account to cover the losses.

Also, trying to cash it out will surely raise some redflags.

Anyway, keep us posted on the progress..
Maybe you won some contest and didn't know it :D

Seriously, which casino is this? You say it's one of the MG casinos that jerks you around. Post the name and I'm sure the manager will get involved - even if it is Grand Prive.
Of course the manager will get involved when I am holding their money. :D

I guess I am questioning, where does my obligation to them end? How many times do I need to tell them of their errors? And does this tell us anything about using the casino mail feature in the software? It seems they must not read it if they didn't jump all over this money.

It is Blackjack Ballroom.
Flower Girl: Now what do you do?

You answered your own question just by posting this. If you were slick, and had no conscious, you would have kept mum and tried another withdrawal.:eek:

But, you chose to question the answer you already had, which was to return it to the rightful owner. (the little devil on the shoulder bit)

I give you "kudos" for knowing what it is that was right, but sadly enough, the casinos won't.

The one thing you can still do is look yourself in the mirror, and actually like what you see and be content with the fact that you are a good person which no one can take away, for peace of mind is not worth giving away for such a small sum.:thumbsup:

(Now if it was a few mil......just teazin):D
i totally agree . even if the casino does not appreciate your honestly, you will know by your conscience that you did the right thing. I also give you kudos for being an honest person. There are enough frauds out there!

Blackjack Ballroom is Casino Rewards,

I would do what they would do when one of their players makes a mistake:D :D

(I would cancel any credit cards I had registered there first - that should give some clue).

My consience would suffer a delayed response as it is "too buzy" to answer such concerns from my logical avarice centre. I would allow 28 days for a responce from my concience, before taking action if none was forthcoming, or was from 1970!:D
Flower Girl said:
Of course the manager will get involved when I am holding their money. :D

I guess I am questioning, where does my obligation to them end? How many times do I need to tell them of their errors? And does this tell us anything about using the casino mail feature in the software? It seems they must not read it if they didn't jump all over this money.

It is Blackjack Ballroom.
I would wait a month. If the money is still there - withdraw it.

This is casino rewards = never answer their customers correspondence (see my thread = "Casino Rewards gone under?")

They get what they deserve. :mad:
totaly agree with everyone else, and lolololol have the manager wager it 20 times on slots :p i needed a good laugh
What would you do

This wold not be the first time somthing like this has happend...lol

Something similar happend to me once, as i had flushed a cashin, (after loosing what I left myself to play) asked the casino to put my cashin back. They put that back in my account, went to go cashin again (lol) and found the original cashin still there.
I did let the casino know about that :)
First off, I add my kudos for your honesty, Flower Girl - if this casino has any sense of decency it will ensure that you get more than just a thank you for the way you have handled this.

As to your future course of action, you have used the casino's own communications system to advise them of their inefficiency in double crediting you, and you have posted in a very public forum here...as far as I am concerned the ball is now in their court.

I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing from them quite soon!!!!
Casino Rewards and found $10k

Flower Girl,

I haved had to jump through hoops to get money out of this group. Including a phone call with CS in amazement that I wanted to cash out $600 one time.
No longer play since they locked my bonus/comp account.

I would suggest you play with the funds and treat it as a cash out bonus, that you can't find the T&C on. (Regardless get the money out of Neteller so they can't come back for the original $10K)

You may be labeled as a "cash out" abuser though by this group.

I agree Buck. I would change my banking account # and play the hell out of that 10K and request a cashout of a few thousands if I win and see if I get paid. If they paid, I'll keep doing it until they catch on or after alittle more time past I'll cash out the whole amount again
What would you do

Playing it sounds like a nice thought lol
Flowergirl, would hate to see you play that and win some big progressive and them come back to tell you that you won on "bogus money"
I guess if they dont respond to you within a resonable ammount of time maybe there is some "staute of limitation" :D
If they do responded to you I sure hope they give you a "honesty bonus" lol

A couple of years ago I cashed out about 1500 from 32red. A few days later they e-mailed me and said they had mistakenly returned 3000 or so (can't remember the specifics) to my credit card and would I give permission for them to return that from my card.

I said no problem and they subsequently gave me a decent gift as a thank you.

Honesty is the best policy with honest casinos IMO.

With potentially dishonest casinos, conscience must rule.

Why not simply withdraw.See if they notice;)

If the withdraw goes through you have done nothing wrong.You just saw some money in your account and you decided that they shouldn't stay there alone in the dark while you can use them to cover various lifes demands.
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You said you emailed them... do they have a phone number to call so you can speak to a live person? My hunch is that when they do their monthly audits (or maybe it's weekly?) they'll discover the discrepancy. If you played and cashed out a portion it might be difficult for the casino to force you to return it to them but you'd never play at any of their casinos again, and who knows if they could blacklist you at other casinos... I wouldn't want to risk it, tempting as it might be.
I would think whatever the laws are wherever they are based. ie: No different than finding money on the street and having to put an ad in the paper or w/e to say "Claim your money within X days, or it's mine" ;)

Send them that ultimatum, and see how fast they respond :D
It is not the same as finding money on the street, because you actually know who it belongs to. It is more like a bank making an error in your favour or someone depositing money in your account by mistake. Under English law, you cannot keep it, unless you did not notice the mistake, spent the money in good faith, and returning it would cause you hardship.

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