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May 1, 2006
If this hasn't happened to you, consider it a hypothetical situation.

Let's say you rack up a decent win on slots, something like half of what you keep as a casino bankroll. You request a w/d to Neteller but never recieve it. After contacting support, you find out the money has been sent to your VISA instead, automatically adding three to five more bank days of waiting.

Not only can you not play for a week but you'll also get hit with double conversion fees(casino -> VISA, VISA -> Neteller). Since we all know that Neteller uses 1999 year's rates, you expect these fees to be almost 10% and maybe more of your initial withdrawal.

Exactly what and why would you have to say to CS and/or the casino representative? Keep in mind this is not a shady joint, quite the opposite.
i think they have in their terms the right to refund to "another method", especially to a credit card, and maybe even the amount of all your credit card deposits to date until it's squared up. just use your visa to make future deposits or extraneous purchases instead of shipping the funds back onto neteller. i hate those "double dings". one time i overpayed my credit card bill, so i went to transfer the extra $20 or $40 back to my chequing account, and doing that cost me $5, so then i had to transfer five bucks back onto my credit card after. lameness! :thumbsup:
If the casino did not reject your cash-in method request and then offer a list of approved alternatives but simply acted without first consulting you then you are entitled to your costs involving the option they took the liberty of using. They had no right to incur additional cost to you without your prior approval!

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