What version of DOA 2 to play?


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Jan 29, 2021
Hello CM members, i am a big fan of Dead or alive slots and Dead or alive 2 aswell. WHat i want to know is if it matters what version of DOA2 you play? I mean, different casinos have different way the slot "works" some have both feature buy version and old without feature buy version, some casinos have the scatters teasing some dont? is it all the same or some of themn scam? I only play at big verified casinos not scam ones.
''Let me know your experience from this please, becasue i feel the slot run worser in base game then it did 1 year ago. changed rtp or?
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In my opinion, Having smashed the game since it came out. I prefer the one were it teases the 3rd scatter, Rather then all 3 scatters just slamming in out of no were. In terms of pays both are pretty much same. However in my opinion from what ive experienced, i find the quick spin version has way more dead spins compared to the standard version. Just my opinion! ;)
I used to like to play the Bonus Buy version of DOA2, and roll a die for each Bonus. Never made any huge advances, but had fun for hours upon hours.
Sadly i am in Ontario, and DOA is available, but no DOA2 anywhere for now! Im jonesing pretty hard for it tbh.
I think best is by spinning, to buy bonus u need good balance coz u need like 100-200 bonus and very good luck, all my wildline I got by spinning 1st time I won £19k like 2 years ago on 90cent, others was from 5000x to 17000x on lower bets like 9cent and 36cent, I dont think is any different from teasing or no teasing, my last wildline was on Unibet on 9cent 17750x, sometimes u dont get wildline for months but £20 £40 deposit on 9cent 18cent is worth trying
I got a 13900x on 0.09€ once and some x2 wildline on higher stakes, its hard and like others said here i prefer spinning base game then buying, and i to feel the speedy version is weird cuz sometimes last two reels just *drop* in instead of landing normally
in my opinion, if u are not a bonus-buyer, play the 'old' one (without feature buy)
nowadays is a bit harder to get a bonus but i prefer the old one

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