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Question What type of player wins the most in the long run?

Discussion in 'Slots Discussion' started by dave1888, Nov 30, 2015.

    Nov 30, 2015
  1. dave1888

    dave1888 Meister Member PABnononaccred2 mm1

    Customer Advisor/Stockroom Picker
    Bonnie Scotland!
    Who wins more in the long run players who play Low,Medium or high variance(risk) slots?

    I'm bringing this topic up because here at Casinomeister we see players who bet all different sizes and win on a variety of variances. But is it better to bet on low variance and make a profit more often than not or High Variance and more than likely lose without cashing in a dime?

    I'm in two minds with this one because I love the thrill that on DOA I could walk away with over a grand from 9p that's just incredible and more than possible.
    I've calculated that if one of us repeats Blathaons freakish hit of both 5 scatters and wild line in free spins even on 9p this could exceed 10,000x total stake(if the wild line was in place for long enough)

    Then on the other side of the coin you could bet 80p-£1 on low or low/Medium slots and win big like KK for example who frequently achieves good wins at these kinds of sizes (sometimes a bit more) and makes a healthy/often lucrative return.

    What do you all think? I've always said we should build a bankroll before going on high risk games to give more chance but I don't even always stick to this rule it depends on my mood, recent luck and how much balance I have at the time.

    It will definitely give an insight on this matter which is much needed for many players including me sometimes!

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  2. Nov 30, 2015
  3. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    When I first start a session, I always head for a HV slot.

    The idea is that a decent hit (which happens more times than you would think lol) then you can continue with HV slots longer in to the session and who knows maybe even increase bet size slightly.

    On the days that the early hit does not come, I do not let it chew too much of my balance before heading for lower variance slots.

    Saying that tho I just busted a 35e starting balance in less than 15 minutes on the fucking Rhino with yet again not one set of 3 or more dirty diamonds :mad:

    Edit: added more as my reply was pretty vague.

    When it comes to deposits/ withdrawals and cash management I have to blow my own trumpet on this one. I consider myself to have excellent self control, a set budget which never increases unless I have had back to back withdrawals and I feel my luck is in but only one or two extra £20 deposits nothing major.

    9/10 I also withdraw not 75% but 80-85% of peak balance, sometimes even 100% as the years have taught me I seem to get more success with a fresh deposit at another casino rather than trying to build 'leftovers' back up.

    Reversing doesn't happen very often either maybe the odd £10 or £20 if it is a decent w/d and there is a pending period which carries over in to the next day.

    Between me and the wife, despite a very shaky start to the year and an abissmall July / August have ended the year with about 8K profit (between us) across the board (taking into consideration 4-5 weeks budget managed deposits)

    If there was such a thing as a professional gambler, I would almost class myself as one :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2015
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  4. Nov 30, 2015
  5. mcgameboy

    mcgameboy Screenieholic & Essayist CAG mm2

    Casual Stocktaker (Inventory Counter)
    You have to have discipline. No matter how good you run, if you don't have the wit/common sense/whatever you wish to call it to hit the cashout button after a good run, then you have no chance.

    I know this because I am likely to finish down for the year. And I really should not be. That is despite having had two horrific losing spells which lasted in excess of six weeks. But I've had my share of purple patches too, where I have run very good for a week.
    The numbers would suggest that I have been unlucky. The reality is very different. I have "dropped the ball" a little too often.
    It would be easy to make excuses like "oh the WR got the better of me". Fact is, the only thing that got the better of me is my own greed or stupidity, because many of these self-inflicted wounds have come on deposits where I did not take a bonus.

    Hand on heart, I can pinpoint to maybe as little as nine or ten deposits where I should have applied a "75% of peak balance rule" and cashed out accordingly. Instead of blowing almost 50%, over 50%, or even (on a couple of occasions) the whole damn lot. It doesn't sound like much, but guess how many deposits I have made this year? 443 and counting, ranging from £25 to £200.

    One thing is for sure. I know I need to be more disciplined. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I know I can play for profit. But I definitely know I can make my "hobby/vice/entertainment" less expensive.

    As for game selection, I think you need a good balance of LV, MV and HV. Losing streaks and nightmare sessions are unavoidable. Sometimes, while you're stuck in the middle of a losing streak, having a low variance game that you like can come in very handy when you need to get some quality playtime for your money.
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  6. Nov 30, 2015
  7. GoldenGhoul

    GoldenGhoul Experienced Member

    Freelancer, translator, IT
    I rarely play low variance games. The few times I played those, they behaved like HV for me, i.e. tons of crappy spins and then I'm bust, so I figured might as well go all in. I did start to play some games I never did before recently, e.g. Hitman, Secret of the Stones, Wild Turkey and some others, but I still mostly go for higher variance ones. As for the results, I had enough good cashouts that at this point I believe playing high variance works for me, although I'm not sure if I'm up or down to be honest.

    This all has to do with my wish to win really big, as opposed to a bigger amount of small / medium wins. High variance is why I started playing slots in the first place, else I might've been better off playing something else like blackjack or roulette.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2015
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  8. Nov 30, 2015
  9. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    An excellent post, pretty much a synopsis of my year. I am down about 1090 pounds in 48 weeks over deposits of 18k and w/d's of nearly 17k. Sounds a lot but the withdrawals are the enablers of further deposits.
    Hindsight is always great when you wistfully look back and think 'what if...?' when failing to withdraw at 75% peak (the dunover cash-management strategy) and then losing.
    I sometimes do the 'double dunover' and say I've turned 100 into 7 or 800 I will actually w/d 75% when at PEAK balance, leaving say 200 and then re-apply the 75% rule. This means overall I then withdraw 90%+ of the original peak.
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  10. Dec 1, 2015
  11. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Casino royalty and weathermen seem to do well over the long term having built up years of experience of their very different methods:D
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  12. Dec 1, 2015
  13. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    Okay Dave you can have a professional-players answer (VWM), the half-professional-players answer (jonmincher) or the hobby-players answer (mcgameboy). Choose wisely :)

    Vinyl please reveal your secrets :D

    Seriously your original question was if it's wiser to play HV or LV slots. The clear answer is: If you play with a bonus it's better to play HV slots to increase your bankroll to a level where WR are manageable. If you play a low-variance game it will just slowly eat up your balance with hardly any worthy withdrawal. You are refering to KK but he medium-rolls, you low-roll AFAIK so you can't campare it 1:1.

    I think mcgameboy gave you some excellent points about how to manage your bankroll on non-bonus-play. If you play HV or LV games doesn't matter in this case, just set a realistic withdrawal level would be my advise (like the 75% peak dunover rule).
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  14. Dec 1, 2015
  15. dave1888

    dave1888 Meister Member PABnononaccred2 mm1

    Customer Advisor/Stockroom Picker
    Bonnie Scotland!
    Fantastic response everyone! And thanks Hedgehok I'll stick to high variance when doing a bonus from now on.

    You are correct, now I do low roll but have been known to bet big in the past. I lived and learned from it though.

    Even with a huge bankroll now you won't see me doing more than 3£ a spin. Even then I mean way up and when a game is definitely winning. The 75% method is a good way to judge when to quit too. I'll need to keep it in mind.
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