what slots would you recommend?


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May 8, 2005
I want to try slots,
I want to use intercasinos 90/90 bonus, and tough I might give it a chance.

I've never playd slots before, so what kind of slots would you recommend on intercasino? and keep in mind I only have 180$
I prefer the bonus slots, like Hampsteads, Love Bugs & Fat Cat.
I've had my biggest wins on these:-
Hampsteads: $234 from a 90c spin
Love Bugs: $236 from 90c
Fat Cat: $119 from 90c

I also like Rapid Fire Slots - mainly Coral Cash, Dolphin King & Mr.Rich.
The 20-lines can be fun and profitable - but keep a close eye on your bank balance - it might plummet! Haunted House is good for a giggle, and the feature on Horoscope & Around the World is very good - if you can get it!

I recommend you bet very low and strictly limit your loss on any one slot. e.g. maybe lose $40 before moving to a different one. This will also ensure you try many & find which you like best.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

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