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Jan 20, 2005
i entered a wrong coupon at casino and started playing but the bonus i was gonna claim was the same amount of the bonus i claimed i noticed that while playing and i was wining(sucks before the restricted games said when coupon was redeemed) and emailed casino what should be their response
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unless its a real good casino i.e. Inetbet which still might not do it, they probally wont do it i say your odds are slim to none :eek:
When casinos mention 'restricted games' in the WRs, they should primarily be concerned about the 'winnings' derived from these restricted games and not the play in these games. Of course some casinos will take advantage of this rule to void your legitimate winnings from the 'non-restricted' games as well. I would suggest you communicate with the casino and ask them whether they can deduct the 'winnings derived from the restricted games' and let you cash out the balance. This is the fairest option provided they want to keep you as a player.

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