What prompted you to play a slot (perhaps again after a while)?


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Mar 29, 2015
I this evening was watching a slot channel on Youtube and specifically the latest video on it:
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I had some previous wins on the slot played - Wishing you Fortune.

So it prompted me to deposit £75 at Videoslots and give it another go.

That deposit turned into a balance of £244 (winner video to follow later today - it will be amongst other big(ish) recent wins).

So what prompted you to play a slot for the first time, or perhaps after not having played it for a while?


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Apr 27, 2009
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Honestly, I pretty much:

Go play what's new in the casino
Go through the list, often alphabetically
Have 'go to' games - either because theyve paid in the past, or purely aesthetically, I find them fun.

CM has prompted me to play DOA more often. I always thought it dull as dirt until I saw its potential.


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Oct 20, 2010
The winners screenshots here have made me play many a game, if i see a game posted here which has multiple screens showing 1000x plus wins ill give it a bash. usually with mixed results, some are now on my regular play list others I never touched again.

DOA is one extreme example, seen so many huge wins shown here on DOA I just had to try it have never won anything on it though, given up on that one. Same with jack and the beanstalk, which I have managed 400x on, my most recent target is steamtower after seeing a comment along the lines of "this is the new jack and the beanstalk", but again no luck so far.

Its the mentalilty of: wow! look what he/she won the same could happen to me.


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Aug 29, 2012
I may revisit an older slot if I have some surplus money after a withdrawal. More often than not this is inspired by warm recollections of previous good wins I may have had on it. So perhaps stuff like Gonzo's, Lucky Angler etc, games I would not approach a session with normally.

But it doesn't always take long for me and my balance to realize why I no longer play these games on a regular basis! But then slot play is cyclical and favourites always seem to come and go....


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May 13, 2014
This one is daft, very daft but also 100% true.

The kids like to watch a program on Nick Junior (Sky Channel 615 :p) called 'The Day Henry Met'

Each episode he meets stupid things, examples include, a letter, a shield, a train and I get the question every episode, 'Dad, how daft, letters can't talk' and so on. We all comment and agree how stupid the program is but still don't miss an episode!

They'd popped out briefly after tea the other day and it came on, grabbing the remote I set it to record for when they returned.

'The day Henry Met.......A Panda'

Struggling in my slot session at the time, 'Untamed Giant Panda' I thought, not played that for months and months.

Swapped game straight away to check if I had any 'save a wilds' banked and to my surprise I had 3 reels on 3 wilds 'ready to pop'

It was the usual 'Wild Wipeout' which paid zilch, nader, nowt but them the feature came in paying a very welcomed 150x followed about 20 spins later by another for about the same.

Helped towards a balance recovery and an eventual 8 x deposit cash out.

Love the program now :p