What percetage of Gamblers who go to Vegas leave ahead?


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Oct 27, 2003
Has anyone every done a study to determine about what percentage of people who go to Vegas and gamble leave ahead. I am speaking strictly from a gambling point, escorts, booze and other fun things not considered. I am guessing that a very small percentage of people who go to Vegas leave with more than they put down at the table or machines, my guess is 15% leave ahead. I think that it is that low because most people play slut machines/you will almost never win, and most people who play other games do not know how to play so they mostly lose. And most important, very few will quit when they are ahead.
My wife and I finally came out ahead finally. Well, for me anyways. She came out ahead a couple of times before. It wasnt much but it paid for the hotel and one airfare.
i come out ahead i'd say 66% of my monthly atlantic city trips, which is spent primarily on playing poker

i only went to vegas once recently and that was over new years, i came out ahead, just barely so, and that's only because of my natural royal flush win at deuces wild :D i lost at table games (blackjack and baccarat) and basically broke even at poker (40/80 stud at bellagio)

and lets not get into the money i lost on other 'entertainments'.... :D :D
I won 1K the 1st time I went there but gave it back and more in two trips I made the last month. (I take that back as I received several thousand free drinks and about half as many pain killers the next days, so I won everytime unless you count the years it took off my life)
I am looking for hard facts here. I guess if a million people respond to this post I will have it, and people who write in this forum are better gambelers than the fools that will never hit a 12 and always buy insurance. As the saying goes, Vegas was not built on weiners, or is it winners? Anyway, perhaps we should say, Vegas was not built on winners because if it were, that would mean that 6 people built it.
Percent of people who leave ahead or money ahead, big difference. I might leave 100.00 up 3 times, but leave 5000.00 down on my fourth trip. Does this mean I win 75% of the time I go to Vegas?
My guess would be 5% of casino players at best. Even I can confess that ive been 17 times and come back even or better only 3 times. But like most people who visit the worlds best gambling mecca ive had a ball 17 times :D :D :D
Interesting issue.
I think on average you're looking at about 10% coming up ahead BUT, and think it's important to make this distinction, only about half of these count.
I'm taking into consideration newbies, or spouces, or people who get dragged along to a casino that make a point of placing three or four bets and then stopping the instant they are ahead even by a very small margin.
You can usually spot them due to the concious smug expressions they project to their friends, recounting the tale of how they took the Venetian for 50 bucks.
Notwithstanding this class of players I think about 5% is right.

Personally I might be higher but still nothing to write home about :rolleyes:
My wife and i have been to Harrahs Cherokee maybe 50 times over last few years. We have come home ahead maybe 4 times. This is all slot play and we always enjoy ourselves and dont lose alot of money each trip.

The good thing is most of the money lost on these trips are funds won playing poker online. Paid for our vegas vacation this way last year.

I should just stick to poker but i like to play slots too just for fun.

IMO, if you want to win consistently play poker.
Clayman said:
I always get a little confused in those places because every time I give the guy a $100 bill, all I get is 20 $5 chips. :lolup:
I also found this very hard to get used to. It makes winning so much harder. :)
My guess would be 5% or less.
I've been 3 times & lost every time. The first two were only small losses.
Last May I was there for 6 days & blew $300 - but as I'd won over $700 online in April I wasn't too bothered! :cool:

But Vegas isn't about winning or losing - it's just about the experience!
It's the most amazing place, and my favorite spot in the whole world.
If you've never been there - make sure you go before you die! ;)
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